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Chapati is a type of bread made of unleavened wheat flour. Shaped round and flat like a pancake, it is best eaten with curries. The best place to locate good, authentic Indian food in Singapore is Little India and arguably the best place for chapati is at the Azmi Chapati at Norris Road. The stall is located in a nondescript coffee shop at the junction of Norris Road and Serangoon Road. There is a drinks stall and a thosai stall sharing the premises.

Norris8 chapati

Chapati @ Norris Road

Chapati at Norris Road

This is a no-frills place so just find your own table and place your order at the stall. Ordering is easy – just browse the food on display and point or you can make reference to the menu. As you can see, the prices are very reasonable, ranging from $1.30 to $5 for each item. The chapatis are freshly made and are 80 cents each. With just the right density (having no yeast, they are actually heavier than they look) and the smell and taste of toasted flour, they are good enough to be eaten by themselves. The absolute must-eat item to go with the chapati here is the keema (minced mutton and peas in curry). One person can have a good meal by just ordering one keema and two chapatis. A nice lunch for under $5!

Chapati @ Norris Road

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Best Chapati in Singapore

Azmi Chapati Norris Road Little India1

Azmi Chapati Norris Road Little India2

As there were quite a few ordinary patrons here for lunch today, we ordered many dishes. Apart from the keema, we recommend the chicken curry, mutton masala, bitter gourd and the lady’s fingers. For the more adventurous, we recommend the mutton bone which is a favourite of some who like the taste of bone marrow.

Azmi Chapati Norris Road Little India5

Chapati @ Norris Road

We also ordered some thosai (crepe made from rice flour) from the neighouring stall which sells a wide variety of thosai. We chose the paper thin version which, like the chapati, was eaten with the curries.

Azmi Chapati Norris Rd1

We enjoyed our lunch at Norris Road. This was good food at a good price in a place full of atmosphere. Feel free to eat with your hands, as many people here do, or ask for the fork and spoon if you so prefer.

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Food :4
Service : 3
Value : 5
Atmosphere : 1
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs  4 tops

Average price per person for lunch – $7.

Azmi Restaurant Chapati at Norris Road

Location: Junction of Norris Road and Serangoon Road

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