Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Vegetarian food in Singapore is not dull, bland or limited. Meat-free diners have an extensive array of restaurants, cafes and street food stalls to choose from in multiracial and multi-religious Singapore. There are Indian vegetarian eateries, Chinese vegetarian restaurants as well as fancy vegetarian and vegan cafes scattered all across our island city. A few of these vegetarian F&B outlets offer food so tempting that it might even persuade hard core carnivores to turn vegetarians for a meal or two. We share with those looking for meat-free dining options The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) list of vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Espuma of Green Pea
Espuma of Green Pea

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A lazy afternoon of Mediterranean food in Singapore (Orchard Road)

We are experiencing a hot dry spell in Singapore. The sun seems brighter than normal and the dry heat is scorching.  Almost like summer in Spain. The weather inspired us to search for Mediterranean food in Singapore. These days we have quite a bit of Greek and Spanish restaurant choices and we know of only one Portuguese restaurant. We ended up at the Tapas Club in Orchard Central.  We have been there before but their weekday 1 for 1 tapas deal was irresistible. Unfortunately, we were told that this arrangement would end soon  (I think they said 16 Mar 2018), so please call ahead if you are thinking of going. There could be other weekday offers in the pipeline.

Mediterranean food in Singapore
Mediterranean food in Singapore at Tapas Club

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Rich and Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam

Rich & Good Kaya Swiss Roll

Why do some F&B outlets in Singapore flourish while similar stores offering the same kind of food struggle? That should be an interesting business school research project topic. The factors contributing to the popularity of a food business is often hard to pin point. Like we said in our earlier post about The Hangar Cafe on Arab Street, there could be beautiful restaurants struggling to draw in the diners while places with no decor to speak of would be extremely well patronised. Perhaps a location like Kampong Glam or Little Arab has its own magic. Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam is another intriguing case. There is almost always a queue at this laid back unpretentious bakery on Kandahar Street.

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Coffee and light meal at Hangar Cafe on Arab Street

Running a food and beverage business in Singapore is not for the faint hearted. According to a SPRING Singapore website, 28% of F&B business are replaced every year. In addition to challenges like high rents and labour shortages there is also this other factor that intrigues us – the unpredictability of consumer tastes. We have seen beautiful restaurants struggle to draw in the diners. On the other hand, there are places where there is no decor to speak of and yet the crowds just keep on flowing in. The Hangar Cafe on Arab Street belongs to the latter category.

Hangar Cafe Singapore
Hangar Cafe at Arab Street

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Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura

Typhoon Cafe - Taste of Taiwan at Plaza Singapura

Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura is an attractive contemporary Taiwanese cafe on level 4 of the popular Orchard Road mall. It offers Instagram-worthy artisan fruit teas and desserts as well as classic Taiwanese dishes like Lu Rou Fan and Oyster Omelette. Signature dishes of Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura include Australian Beef Short Rib with Wuxi Maltose Glaze and Crispy Whole Pork Knuckle with Taiwanese Chilli Jam.

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Brunch at Kampong Glam cafe, Maison Ikkoku The Gallery

Maison Ikkoku is a cafe in the Kampong Glam area, near Arab Street and Bussorah Street. It has undergone quite a transformation since our last visit in 2015 (you can read about our previous visit here). It is now known as Maison Ikkoku The Gallery. There is also a bar on the second level and a rooftop space known as Maison Ikkoku Rooftop, which we believe opens in the evenings.

Maison Ikkoku The Gallery

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