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Singapore is a vibrant island nation where food reigns supreme. From Michelin-starred hawker stalls to globally-acclaimed restaurants, the city state offers a wide variety of flavours and dining experiences. The Ordinary Patrons (TOP), an independent Singapore food blog, can be a guide to help you
Discover where ordinary locals eat: find the favourite neighbourhood eateries and hidden gems beyond the tourist trail.
Decide what to eat and where to eat: Explore diverse cuisines, from Eurasian delights to Teochew or Hakka classics.

A good place to start will be to check out the TOP Restaurants Singapore 2023 – dining options for various budgets and tastes.

We update TOP Singapore food blog regularly with fresh finds and revisits to old favourites.

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Singapore restaurants, cafes and F&B news, special events and promotions that we come across are listed in our Deals & News Page.

Singapore Food Dictionary

Singapore Food Dictionary

If you are sometimes bewildered, like The Ordinary Patrons often are, by the array of descriptions of dishes, ingredients and cooking techniques in cosmopolitan Singapore, you may find some help in The Ordinary Patrons’ Dictionary of Singapore Food.

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