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Old Skool Dessert House (Closed)

Old Skool

Add Old Skool Dessert House to the growing list of interesting eateries along East Coast Road. The new dessert place is at the ground floor of The Odeon Katong and has a cutesy classroom theme complete with chalk boards and a “Detention Corner” for waiting patrons.

Olskool Dessert House Detention Corner

They serve hot and cold desserts, coffee and tea as well as snacks like Nyonya Dumplings, Chee Cheong Fun and Siew Mais. You can find traditional desserts like Barley Ginkgo, Glutinous Rice & Yam Cream, Sesame Paste and Fungus with Red Dates. The cold desserts include Durian Mousse, Chill Mango Pomelo and a range of snowflake items.

Snowflakes desserts are like ice kachang but with shaved ice sheets that melt in the mouth. Traditional ice kachang is made by grinding ice which means the ice is a little granular. Snowflakes starts with a base of milk and water frozen into blocks. Flavorings such as coconut, mango or strawberry can be added to the base. The frozen blocks, which can be colourful or milk white, are sliced into thin smooth sheets by a special ice shaving machine. The ice sheets look pretty and are so thin and velvety smooth that they will melt in the mouth.

Old Skool Dessert House offers Chendol Snowflake, Mango Snowflake, Durian Snowflake, Green Tea Snowflake and many others. One that particularly caught our attention was the Milky Egg Snowflake – which was described as a raw egg nestled in milky snow ice.


We tried the Old Skool Signature Snowflake – which was Coconut Snowflake with grass jelly topped with a combination of taro, sweet potato, chendol, red beans, attap seeds and nata de coco. It looked yummy and was delicious. The ice shavings were smooth and felt like cotton candy; and wasn’t too sweet. The signature item at $6.50 is a bit pricey; but the other snowflakes are mainly priced at $5. We had tried the Chendol Snowflake which was also very nice. We especially liked the streaks of gula melaka on the shared ice.

Old Skool Chendol Snowflake

Currently, they have a lunch promotion which seems like fair value at $6.80 for mee siam and a hot desert.

Old Skool

We will be making more visits and the next time we may give the Milky Egg Snowflake a try.


Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3

Overall Rating : 3 TOPs.

3 Tops

+65 6440 8586

The Odeon Katong
11 East Coast Road
Singapore 428722

Opening Hours :
Sun toThu: 12:00 noon – 12:00 midnight
Fri & Sat: 12:00 noon – 1:00 am

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