Windowsill in the Woods (Moved)

Windowsill in the Woods

Singapore has many hip cafes in quaint locations but Windowsill in the Woods at Horne Road will probably take the Incongruity Prize. Located opposite the Jalan Besar Stadium along a row of old shop houses with a few interesting neighbours, it has a whimsical exterior which reminded us of children fantasy world. Windowsill Pies stands out of its surrounding because the shopfront just looks so different and interesting.

Windowsill in the Woods

Walking into the cafe is like stepping into a fairy tale setting with wooden cottages, stylised trees, a large teddy bear and colourful accent decorations. The furniture of pine wood contrasts with the stone and glass counter where the freshly baked pies are displayed.

Windowsill in the Woods

Windowsill Pies

Windowsill specializes in pies, the sweet kind. They proudly declare that they “don’t do savoury pies, and they don’t do cake”, and “definitely don’t do cupcakes”.  There is no menu for their pies and the pies at the counter are not labeled. When asked about the lack of labeling, a cheerful young staff said with all sincerity that it was intentional so that they would have a chance to explain to each customer the different pies they were offering. She then went on to introduce with great enthusiasm each of the pies on display.

The pies they have include morello cherries, strawberry lemon, S’mores, pecan and chocolate truffle. We tried their Vodka Lime Pie ($8) and the Banana Almond Brittle Cognac Pie ($7). The Vodka Lime Pie was just a little too sweet for us but otherwise both pies were delicious and better than most pies we have tasted.

Windowsill in the Woods

Windowsill Pies

Coffee there is from local coffee roasters, Liberty; and there is a range of teas and other beverages. They also have menu of savoury food that changes every fortnight – offerring items like Atas KBB (or Kong Bak Bao!), burgers, stuffed chicken wings and roast beef sandwiches.

Windowsill in the Woods

We would highly recommend Windowsill pies to all lovers of sweet pies. The pies are really good. The staff members are mostly young, friendly and enthusiastic and the place is just so charming. It is easy to enjoy the cafe and sit in there for a long time.


Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 5

Overall Rating : 4 TOPs
4 tops

New location –

95 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 575382

Tel :+65 90047827


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