Brunch at Da Paolo Bistro Bar, Rochester Park

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Da Paolo Bistro Bar is a restaurant serving contemporary European cuisine. It is located in a large restored old house in Rochester Park. On this hot and windy Sunday, we decided to try out their brunch menu.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

Making good use of the sprawling grounds, the good people of Da Paolo had created spacious alfresco areas and a smart, cosy interior. The premises certainly look impressive and we can imagine that it could look magical at night when it is lighted up, making this an interesting venue for hosting events.  We ordered a few items from the brunch menu.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

The streaky bacon and savoury pancake ($23) was just as its name suggests.  We were looking for something extra but it was not there. This was a competently done savoury pancake with bacon and fresh rocket salad, nothing more.

The sauteed crab and watercress with poached egg ($24) provided a variation to the usual egg Benedict concept. The unusual combination of crab and watercress in this dish was an interesting and successful match.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

The baked organic eggs and gorgonzola ($26) was listed in the section of the menu titled “the Substantials”. It was anything but. Basically it was two small eggs with bacon and some gorgonzola on small pieces of bread. We were quite disappointed with this dish.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

We ended our meal with two desserts – banana fritters ($15) and fresh mango and homemade salted egg gelato ($15). Other than the salted egg yolk gelato which was unusual and actually tastes better than it sounds, the desserts were fine but not exceptional.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar is no doubt a very beautiful location to have a meal.  The food was competently made but mostly lacked an ‘X’ factor. We should also add that many of the dishes we ordered came in very small portions. So be prepared to order more items than you usually would.


Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 1
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Da Paolo Bar Bistro at Rochester Park
3 Rochester Park
Singapore 139214

Tel: +65 6774 5537

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