Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee (now known as Cha Tra Mue)

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee

The queue leading to the cafe gives a good indication of the popularity of Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee which serves traditional Thai beverages like ChaYen, ChaDamYen and ‘O’Liang at very reasonable prices.


Located in Far East Square at Amoy Street, the Thai cafe is small with only a few tables. Go there before noon and you can pick your table and enjoy a leisurely cup of tea. As soon as the clock strikes 12, the place fills up and the queue forms. Many are there to take away sandwiches and coffee or tea.


You get Thai service with a smile at Nam’s. The staff is very polite and nice and you can tell that they prepare your food and drink with care at an unhurried pace.

Before lunch, this ordinary patron decided to have a quick snack and ordered a ChaYen ($2.50) or Cold Thai Milk Tea and Egg Mayo Sandwich Toast ($4.50). The tea is not pre-made. Each cup is only prepared when they received an order.  You can tell them if you like your drink sweeter or otherwise. So you have to wait a minute or two for your tea. The tea is served in a large sturdy take-away cup. There is currently a ‘green initiative” where you get a rebate of 10 cents if you return the take-away cup to them.


Nam’s uses tea leaves of ‘Cha Tra Mue’ (Number One Brand Thai Tea), which is famous for Thai grown tea leaves and for their special blend of ChaYen with a unique aroma. The cold milk tea was very nice and refreshing. It was full bodied and not too sweet.


It took awhile for the Egg Mayo Sandwich Toast to be served. When it was, it did not look very appealing. What was unusual was that the bread was toasted with butter and topped with sugar. The combination of the sweetish crispy toast and the savoury egg mayo filling went quite well. I would say that the sandwich was enjoybale but the next time I would try one of their Shibuya Thick Toasts, which looked really good especially when topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Nam’s also offers croissants, home-made egg tarts and assorted muffins. Besides Thai tea and coffee (hot, cold or ice-blended), you can also get green tea, Chinese tea or fresh brew espresso. On the whole, Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee is a great option for reasonably priced beverages, especially if you like good Thai tea or coffee.


Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 4
Atmosphere : 2
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Nam’s Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee (now known as Cha Tra Mue)
#01-05 Far East Square
137 Amoy Street, Singapore 049965

Tel: +65 9429 3886

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri (9:00am-6:00pm); (Close on PH)

Nearby Stations : Telok Ayer, Raflles Place



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