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Patisserie G

Patisserie G

I stopped by Patisseie G at Millenia Walk today. It seemed to have doubled in size since the last time I was at MW some months back when it was a small outlet with very limited seating.  Now its shopfront has doubled in length.  They must be doing something right.

Patisserie G

Patisserie G

This patisserie is tastefully done up with a minimalist blonde wood theme. The serving counter and display case appear to have been retained from the past with the extra space used to enlarge the dining area.  I picked the ham and cheese croissant ($5) and a long black ($4.50) for my late breakfast.  The croissant was nicely done, very light and crisp on the outside. The coffee was normal.  Unfortunately I was not able to respond to the sweet items calling out to me from the display case.   The macaroons ($3 each) and cakes ($9 each) were meticulously made and I have a feeling they taste as good as they look. I shall have to return one day to verify this.   For now, I will leave you with these pictures and let the cakes (especially the one named G-Spot at the bottom right) talk to you.

Patisserie G

Patisserie G


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3   

3 Tops

Patisserie G
Millenia Walk #01-40
Singapore 039596

Tel: +65 6338 7578

Nearby MRT Stations: Promenade

# Food fact – In both France and Belgium, “Patisserie” is a legally controlled title that may only be used by bakeries that employ a licensed maître pâtissier (master pastry chef).

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