Chopsuey Cafe @ Martin Road (Outlet Closed)


Chopsuey Cafe is what happens when you cross a Chinese restaurant with P.S. Cafe. Having achieved great success, the folks behind P.S. cafe are now going into another dining genre. Chopsuey Cafe is their new modern Chinese-fusion restaurant concept which interprets classic Chinese dishes with a modern (Singapore?) twist. The restaurant at 38 Martin Road is their second Chopsuey Cafe (the first being located at Dempsey).




As you can see, whoever designed the decor for this restaurant should be given a prize. The combination of a modern building, contemporary furnishings and local Chinese restaurant cues (the lazy susan, cluster of various sauces etc) was well executed.



We tried two items from their dim sum selection. The flakey char siew puff and crispy prawn wanton ($9 each) were delightful interpretations of these dim sum dishes. What we appreciated was that although these were deep fried items, the oiliness was kept to a minimum.


The sticky baby squid ($16) was deep fried baby squid tossed with pieces of tofu and peanut in a sweet sauce. We liked the combination of crispy and chewy textures in this dish. The sweet sauce pulled all the ingredients together well.


The autumn and winter spring rolls ($22) was a platter of three types of spring rolls. Two looked like the usual spring roll, with one containing pieces of cod fish and the other chicken and dried scallop. The third one contained egg white and had an interesting wiry external texture which was very light and crispy.


The crispy orange beef (a.k.a. rusty nails) ($24) was strips of beef, fried till they were very crisp and caramelised in an orange sauce.  The beef was tender and light tasting.  The orange added a zesty touch to the beef, reminding us somewhat of the more usual sweet and sour pork.  This dish had a mixed reception amongst us. The sweet orange sauce was loved by some, but others felt that it was too sweet, masking the natural beef flavours.


Our final dish was the steamed paper shaoshing chicken ($19).  Pieces of chicken breast were steamed with bamboo shot, shitake and other ingredients with old ginger in a rice wine broth.  We felt that the taste of this dish was very plain.  The dish tasted like regular steamed chicken.

Our meal ended on a humorous a.k.a kitschy note when we were served fortune cookies!



Food : 4
Service: 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs   4 tops

Average price per person for lunch $30

Chopsuey Cafe
38 Martin Road
Singapore 239072

Tel : +65 8188 6177

Brunch Sat, Sun, PH 10.30 to 5 pm
Lunch Mon to Fri, 11.30 to 5 pm
Dinner Daily 6 pm to midnight

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