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PS.Cafe Petit @ Martin Road

PS Petit @ Martin Road

It is one of those cafes which makes you think about moving into the neighborhood. It is pretty with modern warm interior design, full of cheerful relaxed people, and has a tempting spread of cakes, pastries and ice cream. PS.Cafe Petit at Martin Road is not petite and has sitting capacity of at least 60 pax indoor and outdoor. It is set up as a takeaway and retail shop which also offers fast foods. Like the original Project Shop boutique in Paragon that also incidentally served coffee and cakes, it would appear that the dine-in patrons of the cafe at Martin Road greatly outnumbered their retail customers.


PS.Cafe Petit offers eggs, sandwiches, muffins and pastries for brunch. Pizzas, burgers, pastas, salads and other mains are available for lunch and dinner. There is of course a good range of desserts and ice cream. The wine corner offers a good selection of bottles and number of wines by the glass are available for tasting.

PS Petit at Martin

We popped into PS Cafe Petit for coffee and desserts. It is a casual self-service joint. You look for an unoccupied table yourself, order and pay at the counter. Items that need a bit of preparation time will be served.


PS Petit

PS Petit Martin Road

The cappuccino and long black coffees we had here ($6.50 each) were not bad but not exceptional. The chocolate profiteroles ($12) and brownie with ice cream ($11.50) were however very good. They tasted as good as they looked in the photos.

It is easy to while away your time sitting in this not so little cafe along Martin Road. Although the prices here are a bit high considering that this is a self service place, we did quite enjoy our visit – but we won’t be rushing to call our property agent just yet.


Food : 3
Service: 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs      3 Tops

Chope Instant Reservations

PS.Cafe Petit
38 Martin Road Singapore 239072
Tel : 8188 6191

Opening Hours
Daily 8 am to midnight


#Street fact – Martin Road is named after Dr Alexander Martin (or Martyn), a surgeon who was the Senior Sworn Clerk to the Court of Judicature in Singapore in the 1820s.

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