Perle Noire Oyster & Grill, Singapore (Closed)


Dining out on weekends in the East Coast area is a bit of a challenge for two reasons. First, the sheer number of eateries in the area makes it very hard to make a selection – do you go for something familiar or take a plunge and go for something totally unknown?  Second, parking lots are rare commodities on weekend nights.  No point making a decision on where to eat if you have to park a mile away. This time, we decided to let the availability of parking decide our choice. We managed to swoop in on a lot just outside this stretch of shops along Upper East Coast Road just as a car was pulling out. There were a few dining options open to us. We decided on the Perle Noire Oyster & Grill which looks like a posh outpost in this suburban neighbourhood. Is this the Pearl of the East?



Perle Noire is a French fusion restaurant which opened here about a year ago. They had relocated from their old premises further down the road. Its interior is bright and spacious with seating for around 30 pax.  Average by city standards, this place certainly looks upmarket in a suburban neighbourhood context.  The menu does have some interesting choices of pasta, seafood and meats.

For starters, we tried a half-dozen of their medium oysters ($20) which, we were told, came from New Zealand. They did not have any particular taste of their own but were fresh and clean.



The oven baked red snapper ($26) was served with tomato salsa sauce, vegetables, olives and cherry tomatoes and topped with a a large piece of parmiggiano reggiano crust. The fish was very fresh and perfectly cooked.  The sauce and the vegetable combination gave a lift to an otherwise common dish.

The Angus ribeye steak ($32) came with a stalk of broccolini on a bed of truffle mash. We had asked for it to be done medium-rare and it was served exactly as we wanted it.   It was a good steak.

All in all, we were pleased to discover a restaurant like Perle Noire Oyster & Grill in this neighbourhood. The service staff were friendly but are somewhat inexperienced, which we believe will improve with time.  The star of the place had to be the chef whom we did not get to meet but who displayed good skills and creativity to present Western classic dishes that were well-prepared with a fresh outlook.

Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Oveall Rating : 3

3 Tops

 Perle Noire Oyster & Grill Bar
85 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455222

Tel 6448 1732

Lunch : 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner : 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Closed on Tuesdays

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