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Bread & Hearth – not bread alone

Bread & Hearth @ 18 Keong Saik RoadBread & Hearth @ 18 Keong Saik Road

The aroma of fresh bread and the attractive country style red brick exterior and interior draw your attention to this small bakery along Keong Siak Road. Handcrafted artisan bread baked fresh on the premises defines Bread & Hearth. However, as a small artisanal bakery probably cannot live by bread alone, Bread & Hearth also offers pastries and good coffee brewed from house blended beans. Add quiche, pies and simple brunch items to the menu and Bread & Hearth Artisanal Bakery Cafe becomes a very pleasant place for breakfast, brunch or a quick lunch.

Bread & Hearth

Bread & Hearth

They have a very wide array of bread and pastries. Fougasse Lardons Bread, Matcha Orange Bun and Chocolat Blanc Roll sit among the more common items like Almond Croissant and Pain au Chocolat. Prices are fairly reasonable. We tried the Pecan Cranberry Bread ($3.20) and the Matcha Orange Bun ($2.80) and they were both of very good quality with nice texture and flavour.

Bread & Hearth

Bread & Hearth

We ordered a Chipolata Set ($15.90) with Potato Soup and the Lemon Chicken Sandwich ($7). Latte and Cappuccino were at $5 each. The croissant that came with the set was quite good. We liked the soup which was very rich and tasty. On the whole the meal was fine but not something, bread aside, to write home about.

Chipolata Set - Bread & Hearth

Lemon Chicken Sandwich - Bread & Hearth

 Potato Soup - Bread & Hearth

The interior of Bread & Hearth is quite small and narrow. Red brick is the primary material used in the decor and there are interesting baking theme details used in the interior design – such as rolling pins as door handles. The designers have strategically removed bricks from the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area. That allows the customers to peek in and also to enjoy the scent of baking bread from the kitchen. The design concept is very well executed and reflects the deliberateness and passion of traditional artisanal baking.

Bread & Hearth


Bread & Hearth

Bread & Hearth has a warm and cosy atmosphere. It has such a homely feel that having meals there may feel like eating at home. The meals there may also a bit like home-cooked food – nice and satisfying, but not gourmet delights.  Their bread and pastries, however, are good enough for the epicures. They are interesting and quite a bit better than average. Bread & Hearth is a wonderful bakery and a lovely place to enjoy their wide range of croissants, viennoiseries, pies and tarts. We think the combination of good fresh bread and the hearth theme decor aptly defines Bread & Hearth Artisanal Bakery Cafe.

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 5
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops


Average price per person for lunch : $18

Bread & Hearth Artisanal Bakery Cafe
18 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089125

Tel: +65 6534 7800

Opening Hours
Daily 8.00 am to 9.30 pm

Nearby MRT Stations: Outram Park, Chinatown

Virtual Tour of Cafe

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#Street fact – Keong Siak Road is named after Tan Keong Siak, who co-founded the Straits Steamship Company in 1890 and owned the houses in the Keong Siak Road area.

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2 thoughts on “Bread & Hearth – not bread alone”

    1. Hi, it is hard to really compare as we did not try the exact corresponding items at both places. The breads and pastries at both ABC and Bread & Hearth are very good but, if force to choose, we would say those at ABC are a tad better. The smaller Bread & Hearth is a cosier place.

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