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Delectable Dim Sum at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore


We had lunch at 香宫 Shang Palace to try out the dim sum creations by their new dim sum chef, Kerene Cheng. She is apparently their first ever lady dim sum chef.

香宫 Shang Palace Dim Sum

香宫 Shang Palace

Shang Palace is located at one end of the grand lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel. While retaining its original traditional entrance area, the restaurant had been updated with a more contemporary Chinese decor.

Our steamed dim sum items were the turnip cake conpoy ($5.50), xiao long bao ($7), teochew dumpling ($6.50) and rice with pork ribs ($10). The turnip cake was very succulent with its tasty ingredients suspended inside. We also recommend the pork rib rice which had a generous amount of yam cubes intermixed with the pork to give a very nice combination of flavours.





We also tried the crispy crab meat fritters ($6), fried lychee prawn roll ($6) and barbequed pork pastry ($6). The lychee prawn is a new creation and tasted really good, with the lychee combining well with the prawn taste. The BBQ pork pastry was very well made, the pastry itself being very light and had a ‘melt in your mouth’ quality. The crab meat fritters were a disappointment as we all could taste was a bunch of crispy wiry dough and no sign of any crab.





The savory dim sum items were very good generally, but to our pleasant surprise the dessert items were the ones that stole the show!  We had the glutinous rice with ice-cream, the lemongrass jelly with aloe vera and the avocado pudding with mango puree (each $11). They were all very good and were refreshing, creative variations of the usual Chinese restaurant desserts. We highly recommend all of them.




The wonderful desserts were a sweet end to our dim sum lunch. We should also mention the excellent service that we received. The staff were on hand to provide extra cutlery, plates etc as we were sharing the desserts. They were also quick to top up the tea, suggest the right credit card to use (to enjoy maximum discounts) and offer car park exit passes. And all these at their own initiative.


Food : 4
Service : 5
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs  4 tops


香宫 Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

Chope Restaurant Reservation


Tel : +65 6737 3644



#Street fact – Orange Grove Road was named after a house owned by Charles Carnie called the “Orange Grove”. The house became the residence of A.L. Donaldson, the founding partner of the law firm Donaldson & Burkinshaw.

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