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The Provision Shop @ Everton Park (Closed)

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

The Provision Shop at Everton Park looks like another indie cafe with vintage decor. It is, however, an establishment of the Unlisted Collection which also operates the hip Esquina and swanky restaurants like Ember, Jing and Majestic Bay Seafood in their stable.

The Provision Shop is set up as a gourmet deli to serve salads, sandwiches and snacks with set lunches on weekdays and a rotating menu of weekly dinner specials.

The Provision Shop at Everton Park - an Unlisted collection restaurant

The Provision Shop in a public housing block has a small narrow space. It is quite nicely done up, mixing brightly coloured wood with white and black tiled walls. There are lots of decor elements from the old style Singapore provision stores and we particularly like the pulley-operated Milo cash tin above the cashier’s counter.

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

Purple Cabbage Coleslaw at Provision Shop

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

We ordered their Beef Brisket Ragu ($16) and the set lunch ($15) which comprised the Sandwich of the Week, Soup and Long Black. The ham & brie sandwich was nice but not outstanding, though we quite enjoyed the coleslaw of purple cabbage. The Ragu with house-made pasta had a rich intense flavour. The meaty sauce was rich and savoury. The pasta dish was delicious and we would recommend it.

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

Besides sandwiches and pasta, other lunch items there include Eggs Benedict ($12), Truffle Pocini & Mushroom Tarts ($8), Smoked Salmon with Nuts ($14) and Burrata with Walnut Pesto ($18).  Their desserts range from Creme Brulee ($3.50) to Chocolate Cake ($8).

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

On the whole, we think that the Provision Shop is one of those charming establishments which we would visit if we happen to be in its vicinity. It is good for snacks or a simple affordable lunch. If we really want a good enjoyable meal, the other restaurants in the Unlimited Collection group would probably be better options.

The Provision Shop at Everton Park

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs  

3 Tops



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