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Dinner at Fratini La Trattoria – a story of endless love?


Fratini is located in a row of shophouses which houses about 13 restaurants along Greenwood Avenue in one of Singapore’s desirable residential areas, Watten Estate. With half of these restaurants being also Italian restaurants, it is understandable that Fratini will seek to differentiate itself. This they have done in a bold way by doing away with the menu. Patrons at this trattoria will simply have to trust the chef for there is no other way.


On this Friday evening, Chef Fratini was cooking for a full house. His customers must like what he was doing. On arrival  we were attended to by the chef who told us that there was no menu and he prepares what he buys for the day at the market. We were asked for any dietary restrictions of which we had none. No one told us the price and we were too classy to talk about money at dinner. So we joined the adventure into the unknown.

The meal started with a platter of five appetizers, details of which I cannot fully recall but there were crabmeat with cherry tomatos, some smoked salmon and a beef item.  The taste was good but not “wow”. The portions were generous. By the time this was over, we were almost full and this was just the appetizer. We did not know how many more dishes were coming. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Here are photos of the appetizer platter.



After the appetizer, came a series of many other dishes. They were all small, tapas-like sizes. The chef did tell us what they were but because of the number (seven or eight) and the effects of the pino grigio, I apologise for not being to recall the details but I have the photos to show you:





Just when you thought that this was the end, came two pasta dishes and dessert:




Although the restaurant has quite a few staff it seems that the chef multi-tasks a lot, from greeting his guests to opening wine bottles to cooking. A bit more empowerment of the staff may possibly lead to more efficiency. We had a three-hour dinner and ate three times what we usually eat. We could have been contented with the appetizer and one type of pasta, but being fed with a seemingly endless stream of food was a nice experience although it is probably not something we should do too frequently. We found out at the end that the degustation menu costs $85 per person.

Do we recommend this restaurant?  It depends. If you have a big appetite and can eat a lot, then the continuous flow of food would be a story of endless love.  But if you are a small eater and put on weight easily, then be careful you do not end up being three times a lady (in weight that is).

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Fratini La Trattoria
10 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289201

Tel : 6468 2868

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at Fratini La Trattoria – a story of endless love?”

  1. this looks like a divine experience, of course if you’re not afraid to put on several pounds lol. looks delish and amazing photos 🙂

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