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One KM Mall(Updated on 1 June 2015) One KM Mall in Tanjong Katong is situated where Lion City Hotel and Hollywood Theatre once were. It has 4 levels of retail and food & beverage outlets. The mall is linked to the residential tower known as Katong Regency and is a five minute walk from the Paya Lebar MRT station.

There is no lack of eating places at the new Mall – whether you just want dessert or something more substantial. Cold Storage, J-Mart and HockHua Tonic are also in the mall.

Restaurants, Cafes and Dessert Places in One KM Mall include:

320 Below 01-K1 6702 2717
Baikohken Japanese Ramen Restaurant 01-67/68
Beauty in the Pot 02-21/22 6702 2542
BreadTalk 01-42 67024644
Charlie Brown Café 01-52
Curry Times 01-70/71/72 6702 2738
Delifrance 02-K4 6702 5250
Encik Tan B1-01
Fancy Delight B1-K11
Fika Swedish Café and Bistro 02-K3 6702 2456
Food Junction 03-38/39/40
Gelare 03-K1 6341 6263
Gyu Kaku 01-16 6362 4001
Heavenly Wang B1-K2
Ho Kee Pau B1-K12
Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert B1-K22/K23
Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken B1-K21
KFC 01-50/51
Kushi Kushi B1-K16
Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken B1-K21
Make-A-Wich 02-28 6386 0723
Maras 01-53 6702 2466
Milk & Honey Yogurt and Dessert Bar 01-63/64 6702 2201
Mr Bean B1-K4
NeNe Chicken / Gong Cha 02-39/40
OldTown White Coffee B1-K26/K27
On-Yasai 01-14 6362 4002
Palace Pastries B1-K10 6348 9989
PappaRich 01-60/61/62 6702 7666
Paradise Dynasty 02-33/34/35/36/37 6702 2540
ParaThai 02-23 6702 2541
Penyet Town 01-65/66
Pezzo B1-K8
Pizza Hut B1-01
Polar Puffs & Cakes B1-29 6702 2230
Prima Deli B1-K24
Qi Ji B1-K18/K19/K20
Saizeriya 02-16
SF Fruits B1-K25
Share Tea B1-32
Sheng Kee Dessert B1-K22/K23
Sogurt B1-K17
Starbucks Coffee 01-17/18/19 6702 2273
Streats Hong Kong Café 02-19/20 6702 2511
Tenderfresh Classic B1-K3
ToastBox 01-42 67024644
The Chicken Rice Shop 02-17/18
Xi Men Jie Taste of Taiwan B1-K6

1855 The Bottle Shop One KM Mall

1855 The Bottle Shop One KM Mall

Selection of wine from around the world. Wine tasting and wine events conducted in the shop premises.


Tel: 6478 1855

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10am – 10pm

320 Below LN2 Ice Cream

320 Below @ One KM Mall320 Below @ One KM MallIce Cream, Sorbet & Yoghurt freshly made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. Pastries and waffles also available.

#01-K1 OneKM

Opening Hours:
11am – 10 pm


Baikoken @ One KM Mall

Baikohken Japanese Ramen RestaurantBaikohken Japanese Ramen RestaurantBaikohken serves Asahikawa style Ramen. See our post on Baikohken Katong Square.


Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 10am-12am
Fri and Sat: 10am-2am

Beauty in The Pot

Beauty in the Pot#02-21/22

Tel : 6702 2542

Opening Hours
Sun – Thurs: 11am to 1am
Fri, Sat and eve of PH : 11am to 3am

 Charlie Brown Café

Charlie Brown Café OneKM

Charlie Brown Café OneKM


Curry Times

Curry Times One KM Mall

Tel: +65 6702 2738

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


Delifrance @ One KM Mall, Tanjong Katong#02-K4


Encik Tan

Encik Tan @ One KM Mall Encik Tan @ One KM Mall Encik Tan @ One KM Mall


Located in Basement 1, Encik Tan is part of the Fei Siong Group, which owns food businesses like EAT and Tangs Market (see also Encik Tan @ Kallang Wave).

Fika Cafe

Fika @ One KM MallFika @ One KM Mall#02-K3

Tel : 6702 2456

Opening Hours:
10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Gelare @ One KM

Gelare at One KM

Serves ice cream and smoothies as well as light bites like waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and pastas.


Tel: +65 6341 6263

Opening Hours:
10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Gyu Kaku

Gyu Kaku @ One KM Mall#01-16

Tel: +65 6362 4001

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thur: 1200hrs – 2400hrs
Fri & Sat: 1200hrs – 0200hrs


 KFCKFC @ One KM Mall


Tel : 6702 2313

Opening Hours:
Daily : 8:00am to 10:00pm


Maras @ One KM Maras @ One KM#01-53

Tel : +65 6702 2466

Opening Hours
11:00am – 9:30pm

Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey @ One KM Mall

Milk & Honey @ One KM Mall

Milk & Honey is an artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar where you can design your own parfait. The regular cup is $9.80 and the petitie is $5.80. The size of the cup is actually the same. For the regular you get 6 toppings and sauce but for the petitie you get 3. Their Signature Vanilla Raspberry looked good and was quite enjoyable. It could easily be shared by 2 persons.

They also offers cakes, yogurt floats as well as coffee, tea and fizz.

Milk & Honey @ One KM MallMilk & Honey at One KM Mall
#01-63/64, OneKM,

NeNe Chicken

Nene Chicken One KM

Nene Chicken One KM


10am to 10pm


OldTown White Coffee

OldTown White Coffee#B1-K26

On-Yasai Shabu Shabu


Tel : +65 6362 4002

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thur: 12pm – 12am
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 2am

Facebook Page

 PappaRich Plus

The restaurant serving staple Malaysian cuisine is currently open from 10 am to 11 pm daily. They have quite an extensive menu and have both indoor and outdoor seating.

PappaRich Plus @ One KM MallPappaRich Plus @ One KM MallPappaRich Plus @ One KM MallPappaRich Plus PappaRich Plus

#01-60/61/62, OneKM,

Tel : +65 6702 7666


Para Thai @ One KM Mall

Para Thai @ One KM Mall

Paradise Group’s Thai restaurant offers up to 80 Thai dishes – from small bites and salads to  curries, seafood and, of course, Thai desserts.

#02-23 OneKM,

Tel: 6749 3134

Opening Hours :
11.30am – 10.00pm

Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty @ One KMParadise Dynasty @ One KM Mall

see review here


Tel: 6749 3736

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 11.00am – 10.00pm
Sat, Sun & PH 10.30am – 10.00pm

Penyet Town

Penyet Town @ One KMPenyet Town @ One KM#01-65

Tel : +65 63416292

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut OneKM

Pizza Hut OneKM


11am to 10pm

SaizeriyaOne KM Mall


Starbucks Cafe

One KM Mall - StarbucksIt was crowded on a weekday afternoon. It was packed with students doing assignments, parents waiting for their children, agents and their clients, friends hanging out and other usual inhabitants of Singapore cafes.

Starbucks at the new mall has Starbucks’ Simply Delicious menu – which has items such as Smoked Duck Wrap and Mushroom & Mozzarella Flaky Sandwich. The lasagna looked good in the in-store posters and I decided to give the Beef Lasagna ($12.90) a try. The lasagna was served within a few minutes and was like something you would buy at the supermarket and cook in a microwave oven. It was fine but I would not say that it was delicious.

Starbuck's Beef LasagnaThe next time I would stick to their coffee and the more tried and tested sandwiches and pastries.

Starbucks @ One KM Mall#01-17

Tel: 6702 2273

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 0800 – 2200 hrs

Free Wifi


Streats @ One KM MallStreats @ One KMStreats @ One KM#02-19/2

Tel: 6702 2511

Opening Hours
Daily 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Toast Box

Toast Box @ One KM Mall Toast Box @ One KM Mall#01-42

Tel: 6702 4629

Opening hours
8:30 am to 10 pm

The Chicken Rice Shop

The Chicken Rice Shop One KM


Tel : 6702 2618


Old Hollywood Market by Food Junction

Old Hollywood Market @ One KM Mall

Food Court @ One KM Mall

Food Court @ One KM Mall

Taste Junction @ One KM Mall

There is a basement called the Marketplace. A number of well known names and a few less familiar but interesting ones are there offering a wide variety of quick bites and desserts.

Kushi OneKM

One KM

One KM

One KM

Butter Studio OneKM

One KMHeavenly Wang MenuOne KMOne KMOne KM Mall

One KM Mall

One KMOne KMOne KMBased on the recent list of Halal-certified Eating Establishments on MUIS website, halal-certified outlets include Butter Studio, Delifrance, PappaRich Plus, Prima Deli, Qi Ji, Streats Hongkong Cafe, The Chicken Rice Shop and Tenderfresh Classic.

One KM Shuttle to MRT

The mall is opened from 10 am to 9.30 pm. There is a free shuttle service service to Paya Lebar MRT Station, Certis Cisco and Vertex & Frontier (Ubi Avenue 3). Entrance to the multi-storey car park is via Tanjong Katong Road.

One KM Car Park

ONE KM Mall + More
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

10:00 am to 9:30 pm daily

Free Wifi

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  1. Mall for food no others shop like kids shop kids like to have some games or water play n any events for kids

  2. The shopping is nice. But this morning around 10.30 I and my relative from Malaysia Relative total 5 person went to your mall looking for breakfast. I like noodle very much, so I saw Stall Encik Tan and decided to order the food. But a Chinese Staff who cook the noodle using a very bad attitude told me i have to wait 10 minutes to heat up the water. I agreed with him with my Malaysia Relative. After 10min I start order the our dish and definitely diffierent people order different noodles or source. I was very disappointed and angry the Chinese cook using a very bad and rude behaviour serving me. Actually I decided not to eat is just because not to eat and quarrel with him. I never do that is because I mentioned to my relative from Malaysia that this Encik Tan noodle very nice, can try and not to made them disappointed. I really very upsad that I had spend $30 over for a noodle that service by this type of people. I should have try other shop like Old Town same level as Encik Tan.

  3. I had a very bad experience in OneKM food junction. Shop name is ROTI Junction was serve by a china woman show my flash nets card she test and test for a few times cant go thou she shouted no money in urs card. Other customer was beside me what they will think of me? In the end she manage to go thou using my card she didnt even say a word and throw me back my card… While i was eating she was disappear for almost 30mins. I hope this msg can go up to the management and i feel this person should not be working here anymore.

  4. One katong mall is slowly becoming 2nd shopping mall like Sim Lim Square?? A quality shopping mall going to turn into another gangster mega store ?? I have a bad encounter with one of the mobile shop in One Katong Mall today arpund 6pm …the staff is a professional story teller and the best part is the boss also heck care on the reputation of One KM image. i leave it to the public to see it for themselves.

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