Seletar Mall Opens – We check out the restaurants and find out what to eat there.

Seletar Mall

(Updated on 28 Nov 2014) The Seletar Mall finally opens for business! After watching the construction of the mall taking shape over the last 24 months or so, residents of North East Singapore now have a mall of their own. According to the Business Times report on 3 November, the mall, which is jointly developed by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd and United Engineers Ltd, obtained its temporary occupation permit on 28 October. More than 99% of the space in the mall has been spoken for. The anchor tenants are Fairprice Finest, Shaw Theatres, Foodfare foodcourt and department store BHG. For those of you who are not so familiar with the area, Seletar Mall is located on Sengkang West Avenue at the junction with Fernvale Road. The Fernvale LRT station is just right at its door step. If this is still Greek to you, then I am sure you will know where it is if I tell you it is a couple of minutes drive towards the East from the famous Jalan Kayu roti prata stall.

We are as usual, interested only in finding out what to eat at the mall. Today we take you on a walkabout to check out the F&B outlets. Other than some of the outlets which are still doing their renovations, most of the F&B outlets are in operation. It was extremely crowded in this rather compact mall. For those who arrive by public transport, they have it easy as there is direct access to the bus stop, taxi stand and LRT station. Those who drive should be prepared to wait especially during the first few months as many curious residents come to take a look. It is also a long drive down to the carpark which is in basements 3 to 5. We suggest you take the travellators and escalators. The lifts are slow.

The Seletar Mall

Most of the F&B tenants are familiar names like Han’s, McDonald’s, Delifrance, Din Tai Fung, Paradise Inn, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Ya Kun etc. But we also notice a few other names such as Cellarbration (wines and spirits), Japanese Charcoal Grilled Muah Chee, Let’s EAT, Sensai Yakitori, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Swee Heng Classic 1989 (bakery), Proofer Boulangerie and umisushi.  Hopefully the combination of the old and the new will make available a good mix of the large and familiar with the young and restless.   Please enjoy the photos that we took of most of the shops (some may not be open yet or we might have missed them) which hopefully will give you an idea of what to expect at the mall.

To help you navigate, here is the list of tenants from the Seletar Mall website:

Seletar Mall F&B Directory

The Seletar Mall Directory

Starbucks Coffee gets the prime spot on the ground floor with the Christmas Tree right in front.

Starbucks @ Seletar Mall

Starbucks at The Seletar MallSeletar Mall Starbucks Cafe


6702 4075

8am – 11pm

 Sushi Express is the next prominent tenant that you will not miss.   Its long sushi conveyer belt zigzags to give maximum access to patrons.

Seletar Mall Sushi Express

Sushi Express @ Seletar MallThe Seletar Mall Sushi Express


6702 2558

10am – 10pm

 Foodfare Food Court

Foodfare @ Seletar Mall

#03-37 & #03-K1/K2/K3

6341 6259

10am – 10pm

 Song Fa Bak Kut Teh was off to a good start.  A queue was forming when we were there.

Seletar Mall Song Fa

Menu Board of Song Fa Bak Kut Teh #01-39/40/41

6702 7688

10am – 10pm

 A-One Claypot House serves delicious claypot porridge.  Here’s a small section of their menu.

Read our review of A-One Claypot House @ Seletar Mall here.

Seletar Mall A-One Calypot

Seletar Mall A-One Set Lunch

Menu Baord of A-One Claypot House #02-14/15/16

6702 3212

10am – 10pm

 Umisushi – Affordable sushi to eat in or take away.

Umi Sushi Menu BoardThe Seletar Mall UmiSushi


6702 2936

10am – 10pm

 Texas Chicken

Seletar Mall Texan Chicken

Texas Chicken at The Seletar MallSeletar Mall Texan Chicken


6341 6580

10am – 10pm

Proofer Boulangerie – French artisan bakery with enticing pastries

Proofer @ Seletar MallProofer @ The Seletar Mall


10am – 10pm

  NeNe Chicken – crispy fried chicken from Korea (not sure how this should be pronounced though).

Seletar Mall Nene ChickenSeletar Mall Nene Chicken Menu


6702 3588

10am – 10pm

 Let’s Eat – Local Delights

Seletar Mall Let's EatHainanese Curry Rice at The Seletar MallSeletar Mall Menu - Hainanese Curry Rice #B2-05/06

10am – 10pm


Seletar Mall JollibeanSeletar Mall Jollibean


6702 4836

10am – 10pm

Cellarbration is a shop selling wines and spirits.

Seletar Mall Cellarbration Wine


6702 3725

10am – 10pm

 Koi Express

Seletar Mall Koi Express


10am – 10pm

 Good ole McDonald’s and McCafe

Seletar Mall McDonald'sSeletar-36


6702 2967

10am – 10pm

Toast Box and their sister bakery, BreadTalk who is having some store opening discounts.

See our post on Toast Box @ CHIJMES.

Seletar Mall Bread Talk

Seletar Mall Toast BoxSeletar Mall Toast Box Menu#01-08

10am – 10pm

 Pizza Hut was also getting great patronage upon opening. It is one of the best decorated Pizza Hut outlets we have seen.

Seletar Mall Pizza Hut Pizza Hut at The Seletar Mall


6702 6024

10am – 10pm

O’Coffee Club‘s 20th outlet celebration – enjoy a 20% discount off menu items till 11 Dec 2014 (conditions apply of course)!

Seletar Mall Coffee Club


6702 4230

10am – 10pm

 Din Tai Fung – freshly made small basket dumplings.

See our post on What is there to eat at Din Tai Fung apart from xiao long bao?.

Seletar Mall - Ding Tai FungSeletar Mall Ding Tai Fung


6341 6566

10am – 10pm

 Shokudo – Japanese Food with a Western twist

Seletar Mall Japanese RestaurantThe Seletar Mall Japanese RestaurantSeletar Mall Shokudo Menu#02-K1/K2/K3

6702 3202

10am – 10pm

 Fish & Co – Spacious seafood restaurant with colourful seating

Seletar Mall Fish & Co

The Seletar Mall Fish & Co #03-22 & #03-K4/K5

6341 6577

10am – 10pm


The Seletar Mall Delefrance#02-K6

6702 5148

10am – 10pm

 Yummi House sells stuff that are supposedly good for health like honey and birds’ nest.

The Seletar Mall Yummi House


6822 0779

10am – 10pm

 Bali Thai. Here is a small segment of their menu.

The Seletar Mall Bali Thai Restaurant

Bali Thai Seletar#02-01/12

6341 6048

10am – 10pm

 Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. This place sells more than just desserts.

The Seletar Mall Hong Kong Dessert#B2-07

10am – 10pm

 Pure – Healthy fruit drinks and smoothies

The Seletar Mall Pure Juice


10am – 10pm


The Seletar Mall Swensen's


6702 3640

10am – 10pm

 Prima Deli

PrimaDeli at The Seletar Mall


10am – 10pm

 Swee Heng 1989 Classic – Popular Bakery

The Seletar Mall Swee Heng Classic Bakery


6702 6556

10am – 10pm

 Paradise Inn

The Seletar Mall Paradise Inn


6341 6272

10am – 10pm

Based on the recent list of Halal-certified Eating Establishments on MUIS website, halal-certified outlets include Bali Thai, Swensen’s and Texas Chicken.

Car Parking Rates are $1.20 for the 1st hour and $0.60 for subsequent half hour or part thereof.  The Fernvale LRT Station is right next to the mall.


The Seletar Mall
33 Senkang West Avenue
Singapore 797693

Tel: 6341 6252

Opening Hours : 10am-10pm


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  1. I just visited the Texas Chicken Seletar Mall branch at 12.20pm today and the server gave me a drink with a loose cap that caused my sweet drink to spill all over the table and floor. Another staff was assigned to clean it up and started scolding me “pig brain” in Chinese and said I was so stupid not to be able to handle the drink properly. This incident has put me off Texas Chicken and I will not visit their stores again. Certainly the chicken is nothing to shout about either. Lousy service and lousy food. I had to go home and wash off my sticky dress and shoes which were ruined!!

    1. hi grace…so sad to hear what you went through.if it was me i would scold the staff who called names and demabded to see his manager..have you feedback to the person in charge.i think you should also share this in facebook so others could beware of these staffs.

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