Leisure Park Kallang Refreshed : New F&B Choices

Leisure Park Kallang F&B

Leisure Park Kallang F&B

(Updated on 18 June 2016) The old Kallang Leisure Park familiar to those in the East has been undergoing a facelift and is now known as Leisure Park Kallang! Not much of a change in terms of its name but the new leisure complex is definitely offering a wider and more interesting range of food and beverage options. Leisure Park Kallang, situated near the Indoor Stadium and the new National Stadium – Singapore Sports Hub, has several new restaurants and cafes. A few of the familiar eating places are still there, as are the bowling alley, ice skating ring and cineplex.

Leisure Park Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang Dining

Unit Number Shops Tel No.
#01-38 Akashabu 6346 3868
#01-43 Burger King 6247 6198
#01-40 Clover 8 Bistro Vegetarian & Vegan Dining
#02-01 Coca Steamboat 6241 3833
#01-28 EAT. 6344 8490
#02-42 Joyden Treasures  64468488
#02-04 Knicker+Bockers Pizza
#01-41 Nanyang Old Coffee
#03-03 Nihon Mura Express 6241 4260
#01-27 PastaMania 6348 8084
#01-32 Subway 6447 0797
#01-39 Teck Kee Chicken Rice
#01-33 to 35 ThaiExpress 6241 9501
#01-08/09 The Soup Spoon 6440 6929
#01-29 Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Fu
 Cafes and Desserts
#B1-06 Fruit Tea
#01-12 Joe & Dough 6348 2848
#02-22 Quickbites 6342 9215
#01-30 Squeezed!
#01-11 Starbucks 6348 0171
#01-26 Swissbake 6440 6594
#01-09 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 6348 7641
#01-10 Yoguru 6344 8860

Casual Dining

Knicker+Bockers Pizza offers D-I-Y pizzas with numerous possible combinations, with choice of toppings, dough and in-house sauces.

Leisure Park Kallang Knicker+Bockers

Knicker+Bockers Pizzas

Knicker+Bockers Pizza

Clover 8 Bistro Vegetarian & Vegan Dining is a new restaurant managed by Miaoyi Vegetarian Restaurant. It offers Thailand, Vietnamese and Italian cuisines and vegetarian dim sum such as Pad Thai ($5.80), Vietnamese Rice Wrap ($5.80), Olive Fried Wild Rice ($5.80) and Squid Ink Spaghetti ($14.80).

Clover 8 Bistro @ Leisure Park Kallang

Clover 8

Clover 8 Bistro Vegetarian & Vegan Dining
11am – 10pm


Akashabu is sometimes referred to by people familiar with the restaurant as the Japanese restaurant that does not serve green tea – they only serve oolong tea. Luckily, it is also known for fresh seafood, meat and vegetables cooked shabu-shabu style. Its range of Japanese food is quite good.

Leisure Park Kallang

Lunch: 12pm-3pm; Dinner: 6pm-10pm


Nihon Mura Express provides all-day dining with more than 100 varieties of Japanese dishes at a flat rate of $1.60 per plate. Items available include yakitory, tempura, maki, fried chicken, soba and desserts.

Leisure Park Kallang Nihon Mura Express

Nihon Mura Express at Leisure Park Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang Nihon Mura Express

Leisure Park Kallang Nihon Mura Express

Nihon Mura Express
11.30am – 10pm


Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Hu which hails from the coffeeshop at the junction of Tiong Poh Road and Eng Hoon Street offers simple but delicious hand-made Yong Tau Hu at reasonable prices.

Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu @ Leisure Park Kallang

Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu @ Leisure Park Kallang

Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu @ Leisure Park Kallang

 Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu


Coca Steamboat offers a buffet steamboat as well as a la carte menu with dishes like the original fish glue, meatballs, special dumpling and other seafood items.

Coca Steamboat Restaurant http://coca.com.sg/

Coca Steamboat

COCA Restaurant

Joyden Treasures Restaurant is a full service Chinese seafood restaurant which also serves dim sum for lunch. See our post on Joyden Treasures.

Joyden Treasures

Joyden Treasures Joyden Treasures


Familiar names like Teck Kee Chicken Rice, SwissBakePastaMania and the Soup Spoon have set up shops at Leisure Park Kallang. You can even sit down and eat at the 7-11 outlet. The old tenants like Thai Express, EAT, Burger King and Subway are still there.  The Soup Spoon at Leisure Park has a large sitting area which is very nicely decorated.

Soup Spoon @ Leisure Park Kallang

Teck Kee @ Leisure Park Kallang

SwissBake @ Leisure Park Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang SwissBake



Leisure Park Kallang PastaMania


Leisure Park Kallang Thai Express


Desserts, Coffee, Tea

For coffee, small bites and desserts, there are Joe & Dough, Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Ordinary patrons who are more health conscious can choose from cold pressed juice of fruits and vegetables of Squeezed, delicious yogurt of Yoguru and Fruit Tea. The Squeezed Bun, which is frozen yoghurt between hot toasty brioche buns, is something to try. Chocz, Singapore own high quality chocolate brand, sells chocolate and cakes in the basement.




Squeezed at Leisure Park Kallang

Yoguru @ Leisure Park Kallang


Nanyang Old Coffee Leisure Park Kallang Nanyang Coffee

Leisure Park Kallang Koufu Food Court


Koufu Food Court moved up to the third level where there is plenty of natural light. Cold Storage in the basement also offers food for takeaway, including pizzas and cakes. You can also buy food and drinks from Tokutokuya Japan’s Daily $2+ Store at level2.

Tokutokuya Japan's Daily $2+ Store

Tokutokuya $2+ Store

Leisure Park Kallang is itself an attractive destination for the residents in the Kallang Basin-Tanjong Rhu area. It now also serves those visiting the Singapore Sports Hub with many attractive F&B options.

There are shuttle bus services serving Meyer Road, Tanjong Rhu, Amber Road and Mountbatten Road.

Leisure Park Kallang Shuttle Bus

Leisure Park Kallang Shuttle Bus

Currently, there is 1 hour free parking on weekdays, 8.30 am to 6 pm. (excluding public holidays).

Leisure Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang

Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397693

Nearby Station : Stadium


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