Strangers’ Reunion – lovely cafe in Kampong Bahru

Strangers' ReunionThe trend in Singapore of cafes opening in remote areas or unusual locations continues unabated. Strangers’ Reunion could be considered one of the early trend-setters. When the cafe opened in Kampong Bahru a few years back, that area might be considered “remote”, though no one would say that now. We have been to Strangers’ Reunion a number times over the years as we quite like their coffee and the atmosphere there. We visited it recently for coffee on a weekday afternoon and it would appear that the place was still popular with loyal customers and new ones.

Strangers' Reunion

The cafe’s decor is fairly basic and simple. Elements of wood, the paintings hung on the walls, plants and fresh flowers give the place a warm homely atmosphere.

As the home of the three-time Singapore National Barista Champion & Second runner up at the World latte art Championships, the cafe is focused on brewing great coffee. However, it also offers a good range of items to go with the coffee. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner menu items have been introduced. For instance, you can have Crispy Pork Belly for dinner, Smashed Avocado on Focaccia for brunch, Deep-Fried Poached Egg with roasted portobello, pesto for breakfast and Chocolate Banana Crumble Tart any time of the day.

An offshoot, the Waffles Slayer, had opened next door but we were glad that we could still get waffles at Strangers’ Reunion. We ordered the Ice Cream Waffle ($12.90), a slice of Matcha Azuki ($7.50), a latte ($4.90) and a schlong ($4.90). The schlong was a double shot of espresso coffee added to half a long black. It was a rich concentrated liquid with a very strong flavour. The latte was what you would expect of a good specialty coffee joint – it had a nice mellow taste.

The Ice Cream Waffle came with banana slices, berries and strawberries. We were impressed by the consistency of the waffle and its crisp edges. The combination of the fruits, ice cream and the slightly savory waffle made a delightful dessert to go with the good coffee. It is easy to like Matcha Azuki cake because we are always partial to the matcha flavour and enjoy the taste of sweet azuki beans. The rendition of the Matcha Azuki served did not disappoint. It had a nice texture and the degree of sweetness that we preferred.

Strangers' ReunionStrangers' ReunionStrangers' Reunion

Strangers' ReunionWe like the practice of water being served as a matter of course in cafes. We are glad that Strangers’ Reunion continues to place bottles of water and drinking glasses on the tables and replenish the water as often as needed without prompting. The young crew of service staff we encountered were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They certainly helped to ensure that having coffee there would be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We enjoyed our afternoon visit there. This lovely little cafe in Kampong Bahru continues to maintain the high standards of what a good specialty coffee cafe ought to be. With many new cafes opening up, you may hear less about Strangers’ Reunion; but many people are still going there.


Food: 4
Service : 4
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs      4 tops


Strangers’ Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169355

TEL : +65 6222 4869

Mon: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wed – Thu: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 9:00 am – 12:00 am
Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Nearby Stations : Outram


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