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Osia – one of the best restaurants in Sentosa

Osia Restaurant @ Sentosa

Osia Restaurant in Resorts World is one of the best restaurants in Sentosa – serving fine food in beautiful settings at reasonably affordable prices. Osia features innovative and contemporary Australian cooking using fresh seasonal ingredients. It has a very nice al fresco dining area with a bar but it is the well-appointed interiors with an open-kitchen concept that really impresses.

Osia Restaurant @ Sentosa

Osia Bar & Restaurant Singapore

Osia Bar & Restaurant Singapore

There are many very good fine dining restaurants in Singapore. However, most simply do not cater to the ordinary patrons as a meal in one of such places may cost the equivalent of the typical office worker’s lunch expenses for two months. Osia allows a broad spectrum of the population to have the experience of a good meal in a well-appointed restaurant with professional service. Although Osia is helmed by a celebrity chef and serves good food prepared with top quality ingredients, it offers reasonably priced set meals. A two course set lunch is $35 and a three course set lunch is $45. For dinner, there is a pre-theatre three course menu priced at $50.

We went to Osia for dinner and opted for the Iconic Set Menu at $85 for a three course meal. There is a wine pairing option at $70 extra.

Osia - Foie Gras

Osia - Fjord Trout

We chose the Fjord Trout and Foie Gras for our first course. We did not have to wait long for the appetizers, which came beautifully presented. The Foie Gras was pan fried and served with caramelized banana, Madagascar vanilla and Jamaican rum. It very well seared to give a thin brittle crust and had a rich, buttery and delicate taste. The Trout was a confit cooked at 42°C, with spiced cashew nut, pineapple vanilla rum jelly and cilantro butter gel. The fish had a firm texture and a sweet creamy taste and was like eating fresh sashimi.

We had the Perch and the Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin for our mains. The Perch was a rather small portion of fish fillet which came with Sesame Ratte Potato, Pea Tendrils, Soy Milk Curd and Shiromiso Glaze. The dish looked beautiful and was delicious too. The fish was well prepared with a crispy crust and and white moderately flavored meat that was tender yet held together well. The Beef Tenderloin was presented with Creamed Sunchoke, Basil Cèpes Mushroom, Acquerello Rice and Tomato Parmesan with the Red Wine Sauce in a small glass cylinder. The Beef Tenderloin was done exactly medium and was very soft and juicy. The red wine sauce complimented the savoury meat perfectly. The crispy puffed rice was an interesting and enjoyable side.

Osia - Perch

Osia -Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin

Osia -Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin

There was no choice for dessert. Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup was the only item available in the set menu. We had no idea what it was and was a little apprehensive about having to drink chocolate soup. We were pleasantly surprised when the chocolate dessert was served; relieved it was not soup-soup. It was a scoop of black pepper vanilla ice cream with sesame crisp and a cup of hot molten Valrhona chocolate under a thin layer of chocolate lava cake. The dessert tasted better that it looked. We thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious chocolate dessert.

Osia's Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup

Osia is definitely one of the best restaurants in Sentosa we have been too. It has a clean elegant decor which creates a casual but chic atmosphere. The friendly courteous staff provided excellent prompt service. The food was beautifully presented and delicious. We had an enjoyable dining experience. We would definitely go back to Osia for special occasions or whenever we want a little indulgence.

Food : 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating: 4TOPs      4 tops

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Osia Bar & Restaurant
Resorts World at Sentosa
#02-140/141, 26
Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098139

Tel: +65 6577 6560

Opening Hours:
12 noon to 3pm
6pm to 10:30pm
Closed on Wednesday




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