Do.Main – Bakery Cafe in Tanjong Katong (Closed)

Do.Main BakeryDo.Main Bakery & Cafe in Tanjong Katong makes authentic French baking accessible to the lucky folks in the Katong area. The name Do.Main pays tribute to the key elements of French baking – “dough” and “main” (which means “hands” in French). French breads and pastries freshly baked on the premises are available from 10.30 am. The small bakery cafe also serves breakfast, high tea, lunch and dinner – offering savoury quiches, salad, soup and sandwiches as well as croissants, danishes, eclairs, macarons and cakes.

Do.Main Bakery

Do.Main is a venture by 2 Frenchmen, Frederic Deshayes and Christophe Megel, both formerly from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. The shophouse along Tanjong Katong houses the bakery where classically French trained pastry chef Deshayes practises his craft. At the front of the shophouse is the small dining area which can sit about 20. The tables are in a straight row not too far apart. It may feel quite like a small cramped French cafe when it gets crowded. The decor has an elegant black & white theme with white brick walls and beautiful white table tops on black wrought-iron legs. The dining area is separated from the bakery by a full height glass panel which allows patrons to see the action in the bakery.

The new bakery cafe in Tanjong Katong is said to be inspired by the cafes of Paris and Montmartre and would use the finest ingredients and French baking techniques to make authentic French breads and pastries.

Do.Main BakeryDo.Main Bakery Do.Main BakeryWalking into the cafe, we were immediately impressed by the neat layout and a wide variety of attractive bread, pastries and cakes on display. There were tarts, eclairs, pain au chocolat, croissants and all sorts of flavoured bread and traditional French bread. There were quite a number of customers who were there just to buy bread to take away.

We wanted a light lunch and ordered a chicken sandwich ($8) and a Quiche Lorraine ($8). A long black was $4.60 and a latte was $5.80. We placed our order and paid at the counter; the food was heated up and plated for us to bring to our table. Utensils and napkins could be obtained from a counter at the rear of the dining hall. The coffee was served to us separately.

The slice of quiche was of a sensible size and came with salad on the side. The quiche with bits of ham and bacon was light and tasty. The chicken sandwich with cereal bread was quite substantial and enjoyable. The soft bread had a very nice texture and was buttery and simply delicious. The coffee was very good – smooth and with a hint of fruitiness.

Most of their sweet tarts and cakes were priced at $5 to $8 per piece. The pear tart and cream puff looked inviting. The White Coffee Cake ($8) was recommended to us. It was a pretty confection and had many dimensions in looks as well as taste. The light cream top and chocolate wafer like nutty base and the layers in between combined well to yield a delectable dessert which was flavourful and not too sweet. It was very enjoyable though we felt that it was a bit pricey at $8 for a fairly small piece of cake, albeit quite a delicious piece of cake.

Do.Main Bakery Do.Main Bakery Do.Main BakeryDo.Main also serves beers and wine by the glass besides the usual range of hot and cold beverages. It offers set meals from $12 to $25 and you can add $3 for the dinner set to get an alcoholic drink instead of soft drink.

The staff at the counter was enthusiastic and vivacious and certainly helped to make our lunch at Do.Main an enjoyable one. There was no service charge but GST was  added to the bill. On the whole, Do.Main is a nicely appointed cafe with a casual relaxing atmosphere and good food. The prices of some of the dessert items might be a little on the high side for the neighbourhood. We would be happy to go back to this nice bakery cafe in Tanjong Katong for coffee or a light meal. We would certainly be going there to buy their delicious bread.

Coffee @ Do.Main BakeryRatings
Food: 4
Service: 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs      3 Tops


Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437015

Tel: +65 6348-1406

Opening Hours
Tuesdays – Fridays : 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturdays – Sundays : 8:00am – 9:00 pm

Mondays – Closed


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