Paya Lebar Square – Food Options Aplenty

Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Square

(Updated December 2018) Paya Lebar Square is a new development next to the Paya Lebar MRT Interchange along Paya Lebar Road. It has an U-shaped office tower block and a 3-storey retail podium. The retail mall has a mix of retail specialty shops, food & beverage outlets and a supermarket.

Paya Lebar Square which directly linked to the Paya Lebar MRT Station. There are casual dining restaurants, cheap and good eating places, hip cafes and al fresco chill out spaces. It is great news for those going to Singpost or the Lifelong Learning Institute (see our post on What to East near Paya Lebar MRT Station).

A brief overview of what is currently available in Paya Lebar Square is below. The food court, Cantine, is in the basement and there are many restaurants and cafes in the mall. There are also many stalls and kiosks for takeaways.

New F& B Outlets

Paya Lebar Square food options are diverse and are refreshed every now and then with new openings of F&B outlets.

Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House

Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House

Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House offers traditional Indonesian soups and street food, including Nasi Campur, Ayam Penyet and Soto Mie.

#01-71 |

DeliBowl Paya Lebar Sq

Delibowl Paya Lebar Square Delibowl Paya Lebar Square Delibowl Paya Lebar Square
Delibowl 壹碗 serves simple affordable meal in a single small bowl to go with rice.

#01-77/80 | Facebook Page

Egg Stop Paya Lebar Square

Egg Stop Paya Lebar Square Menu

EGG STOP‘s all-day breakfast menu offers an array of sandwiches with eggs of course. A takeaway only outlet.

#01-62| Facebook Page

Ah Long Pancake in Paya Lebar

Ah Long Pancake in Paya Lebar

Ah Long Pancake in Paya Lebar Ah Long Pancake

Ah Long Pancake & Po Piah offers pancakes or Min Chiang Kueh (面煎粿) in a variety of flavours and traditional popiah for takeway.

#01-48 | Facebook Page

Wok Hey Paya Lebar Square

Wok Hey Menu Paya Lebar Square

Work Hey offers customized fried rice and noodles for takeaway.


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Restaurants & Cafes

Apollo Paya Lebar

Apollo Nasi Lemak

Apollo Nasi Lemak sells Chinese style nasi lemak.


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Kei Kaisendon PLS

Kei Kaiseidon PLS

Kei Kaisendon Menu

Kei Kaisendon offers sashimi on rice.


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Maduras's Restaurant

Maduras's Restaurant

Madura's Restaurant

Maduras’s Restaurant offers a wide range of Indian and Asian dishes from briyani and kebabs to pepper crabs and sweet & sour chicken.



Kay Lee Roast Paya Lebar Square

Kay Lee Roast Menu

Kay Lee Roast Menu

Kay Lee Roast Meat

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint offers rice and noodles with a variety of roast meat including their famous “Char Siew” & “Sio Bak”.

Kay Lee Roast Meat #B1-10

Tel: 6655 0302

Opening Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Paya Lebar Square New Food

Paya Lebar Square New Food

Paya Lebar Square Mr Youtiao

Mr Youtiao #01-85

An interesting little cafe selling youtiao, or fried dough fritters, but with a couple of twists; as well as porridge and snacks. See our post on Mr Youtiao @ Novena.


Kajiken at Paya Lebar Square

Kajiken at Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Food

Kajiken #01-86

Kajiken offers a variety of Mazesoba, or dry ramen.

Ah Mah Homemade Cake at Paya Lebar

Ah Mah Homemade Cake #B1-46

The popular Malaysian version of Japanese egg sponge cake is now available in Paya Lebar Square – and Singaporeans have one more thing to queue for.

Gado & Grill Menu

Gado & Grill (Paya Lebar Square)

PLS Gado Grill

Gado & Grill

Indonesian food stall offering Gado Gado, Ayam Penyet, hot Bon Soto and other affordable set meals.

Jollibee Paya Lebar Square

Jollibee at Paya Lebar Sq

Jollibee Paya Lebar Square

Jollibee, the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, has a new branch at Paya Lebar Square serving its famed Chickenjoy as well as burgers, spaghetti and side dishes like minced chicken rice. Read our post Jollibee brings Joy to Paya Lebar Square.

Lotus Thai At Paya Lebar Square

Lotus Thai At Paya Lebar Square

New Thai restaurant with an array of traditional Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry and Thai Basil Chicken as well as Thai Milk Tea and Lemongrass Drink. See our post on Set Lunch in Lotus Thai Restaurant.

Pontian Wanton Noodles at Paya Lebar Square

Pontian Wanton Noodles at Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar SquarePontian Wanton Noodles

Pontian Wanton Noodles

Pontian Wanton Noodle serves Noodles with Fried Wanton and Wanton Soup; as well as traditional Chinese desserts.

Paya Lebar Sq Food  Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao Paya Lebar Square

Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao 聚豪拉面小笼包

Tel : 63856962

In collaboration with Ministry of Food (who is behind brands like Lenas and Social Square), Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao 聚豪拉面小笼包, which was a popular stall in Lavender Food Square serving Northern Chinese fare like La Mian, Xiao Long Bao and Fried Dumplings, has opened a casual dining outlet in Paya Lebar Square.

see post on Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao 聚豪拉面小笼包 – new at Square 2, Novena

5 Little Bears Paya Lebar

5 Little Bears at Paya Lebar Square

5 Little Bears

Serving Taiwanese delights such as Oyster Mee Sua, Braised Pork Rice, Beef Noodles and Honey-glazed Chicken Chop. See post 五只小熊 5 Little Bears at Paya Lebar Square.

Chicken Run Paya Lebar Square

Chicken Run Menu

Chicken Run Paya Lebar Square

Chicken Run

Tel : 6702 1373

Affordable Chinese hotpots – signature chicken pot, garlic fried pork ribs, laksa chicken pot and more.

Green Dot @ Paya Lebar Square

Green Dot

Tel : 6702 2221


Serving healthy green food options in the form of bento, rice bowls, mushroom pots; plus vegan noodles, burgers and desserts. See our post on Green Dot.

Eatzi Gourmet Bistro

Eatzi Gourmet Bistro by Jack’s Place

Tel : 6341 6918

Opening Hours : 11am – 10:30pm


Serves a wide range of pastas, beef steaks, Asian fusion dishes, ice cream and waffles.

Lenas @ Paya Lebar Square

Lenas at Paya Lebar


Tel : 63416711

Modern American Italian Restaurant – serving all day breakfast, pastas, baked rice and a variety of meats and desserts.

see post on Lenas @ Orchard Gateway

Nine Fresh Desserts

Nine Fresh Desserts Menu

9 Fresh Local Flavours

Nine Fresh Desserts Paya Lebar Square

Nine Fresh Desserts

Taiwan style desserts with combinations of bean curd, grass jelly, taro balls, red bean, green bean, pinto bean, peanut and more.

Ramen Keisuke @ Paya Lebar SquareRamen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Tel : 6341 6123

Serves Tonkotsu Ramen and Gyoza; and free boiled eggs and marinated bean sprouts. See our post on Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King @ Paya Lebar Square.

Sakae SushiSakae Sushi

Kraftwich Paya Lebar

The Soup Spoon Paya Lebar

Soup Spoon Paya Lebar

Soup Spoon Paya Lebar

Kraftwich by Swissbake and The Soup Spoon

Opening Hours
8.00am – 10.00pm


Crystal Jade @ Paya Lebar SquareCrystal Jade My Bread

Tel: 6341 6143

Asian and Western delights such as cakes, egg tarts, buns, breads, snacks, pastries and Dim Sum for takeaway.

Duke Bakery

Duke Bakery Paya Lebar Square

Duke Bakery

Combines the Japanese, European and Taiwanese styles of bread making to create a line up of artisan breads.

Four LeavesFour Leaves

Buns, Bread, Cakes & more.

i.tea Paya Lebar

i.tea is a drinks outlet offering refreshing premium milk tea made with pure and natural ingredients.

i.tea #01-50

Chain F&B Outlets

The usual chains are also there.

Toast Box @ Paya Lebar Square

Toast Box Menu

Toast Box

Old Chang Kee @ Paya Lebar Square

Old Chang Kee

MOS BurgerMOS Burger


J.Co @ Paya Lebar



Burger King


Pezzo Pizza

Stuff’d & Pezzo

JCO Donuts

JCO Donuts & Coffee

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Food Court

The Cantine Food Court is in the basement. It is airy and feels spacious. The usual stalls – chicken rice, Japanese food, Korean dishes, yong tau hu, nasi padang, noodles etc – can be found.

Cantine Food Court Paya Lebar

Cantine Food Court Paya Lebar

Paya Lebar Food Court

Based on the list of Halal-certified Eating Establishments on MUIS website, halal-certified outlets include Eatzi Gourmet Bistro, Jollibee, Gado & Grill, Kraftwich By SwissBake, Madura, Burger King, McDonald’s, Old Chang Kee, Pezzo, Stuff’d and various stalls in the Cantine food court.

Giant Supermarket has opened in Paya Lebar Square.

Giant Supermarket Paya Lebar SquareEntrance to the multi-storey car park is via Eunos Road 8.

Car Park Charges Paya Lebar Square
Car Park Charges Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Square Parking

Paya Lebar Square Directory

Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Square 
60 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 40905

Tel : +65 6702 3107

Opening Hours : 10 am – 10 pm

Paya Lebar MRT Station


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#Street Fact
Paya Lebar means wide swamp in Malay and Paya Lebar Road runs through what used to be a large, swampy area close to the Kallang River.


  1. Thanks so much for a very comprehensive list of restaurants; especially since I can’t find it on the mall’s website!!!

    1. Thank you, Amrita, for reading our blog. When we write we try to include some details whenever possible as we, and some of our friends and family members, use the blog for reference when we are looking for places to eat.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. As we do not update our posts constantly, our tags may not always be accurate or up to date. Thus, for now we think it may be better if we just provide a link to the List of Muis Halal certified Eating Establishments whenever appropriate. We will consider doing what you have suggested in the future.

  2. We just moved into PLS in Sept, trust my review..:
    Office : POORly made office and low level responsibility from building management. Eco-friendly building, I seriously cannot vote for that claim. Air con was new but spoilt, building mgmt can tell us its our oulwn care and need do. That’s the prob when there’s too many 3rd-world staff…don’t care supervisor.
    Frequently spoilt soap dispenser & hand-towel supply 🙁

    Food. : Good option is getting better esp the newly open authentic Japanese Pork Ramen facing taxi stand that calls for super long Q. Cantin or kopitiam has a store that sells chicken-curry noodle which is terribly represented with flatten thinly slice chicken which made us thought its flatten rice-noodles.

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