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Straits Express Restaurant Bar (Closed)

Straits Express

Straits Express is a new restaurant bar at the Kallang Wave, Singapore Sports Hub. The name is drawn from the “Straits Settlements” and the luxury “Express” train (as in the Oriental Express). The Straits Express is decorated like a luxury express train at a railway station and offers food of the Straits Settlements. What is food of the Straits Settlements?

Straits Express

Straits Express

The Straits Settlements once comprised Singapore, Malacca and Penang. The population of those settlements consisted of mainly Chinese and Malay with a small but influential European community. The fusion of the Chinese and Malay cultures and cuisines resulted in peranakan or nyonya food; the Asian chefs of the colonial masters produced localised version of Western staples such as Hanainese pork chops. Thus, you will find “Straits Settlements food” on the menu of Straits Express such as Ayam Buah Keluak, Nyonya Laksa, Penang Fried Kway Teow, Oxtail Stew, Lamb Shank and Fried Chicken Chop. It is quite a clever concept to sell a mixture of simple western food together with peranakan staples and popular Penang dishes under a unifying theme.

The railway motif of the decoration is also quite clever. However, we felt that the execution of the concept could have been much better. From the outside of the restaurant, we did feel like we were in a railway station looking at a stationery train. On the inside, one portion was nicely done up to resemble a luxury train carriage; but the rest of the restaurant bar did not have a consistent look and feel.

Straits Express

Straits Express

Straits Express

Straits Express

We were there for dinner and ordered the Penang Lor Bak ($8), the Nyonya Chap Chye ($9.50) and the Deep Fried Egg Plant with Pork Floss ($8) to go with plain steamed rice ($1 per plate). Iced water was served while we waited for the food.

We did not have to wait long for the food. They came nicely presented and tasted as good as they looked. The Lor Bak, which was pork marinated in Chinese five-spice powder and rolled up with bean curd skin, was just sufficiently moist and had a good aroma and texture. The Nyonya Chap Chye, traditional peranakan dish of stewed mixed vegetables, was flavourful and tasty. The Deep Fried Egg Plant with Pork Floss was a delightful plate of crispy savoury goodness. We enjoyed the food.

Straits Express

Straits Express

Straits Express

The service was friendly and efficient. We thought the prices were reasonable. The quality and taste of the dishes we tried were quite good. We would definitely be going there more often for meals.

Straits Express is also a sports bar. Happy hours start at 5 pm. After 10pm, the restaurant is transformed into a bar, pub & club with DJs and all. If that is not your scene, the Straits Express Restaurant Bar can still be a nice place for a good meal and a walk by the scenic Kallang Basin.

Straits Express Restaurant Bar

Food: 4
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Value: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs    

4 tops


Straits Express Restaurant Bar
1 Stadium Place #01- 24/28
Sports Hub, Kallang Wave Mall
Singapore 397628

Tel: +65 6702 2964

Opening Hours
10 am – 10 pm

Nearby Stations: Stadium

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