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The Namly Club Singapura (outlet closed)

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The Namly Club is a new restaurant that just opened in the quiet Namly residential neighbourhood off Sixth Avenue. It is related to the Tiong Bahru Club which opened not long ago in Tiong Bahru at which we had quite a good experience. Both of them belong to the same family known as The Singapura Club. Can it replicate its success in the City in the suburbs?

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Located within a small cluster of shops which includes a wine shop, a vet clinic and an Italian restaurant, La Nonna, the Namly Club has taken over the space previously occupied by a French restaurant (the name of which now escapes me). As in the Tiong Bahru Club, the Namly Club is decorated in a retro, eclectic manner. In fact eclectic may be an under-statement here where you will find coffee shop style seating, old classroom style chairs and desks and to top it all off, there is an area where there are old and heavy antique oriental furniture.

There is however, some method in the madness. We noticed that some decor ideas are shared by the two Singapura Club outlets. The same “Club Rules” are displayed prominently, including the “no flirting with cashier” advisory. The same classroom chairs are used in the alfresco areas, the stained glass partitioning screens and there is that brightly coloured old bicycle chained near the entrance. They also share the same menu which means a rojak of dishes are available ranging from Asian favourites like Thai green curry and Eurasian style devil curry to Western evergreens like burgers and pasta. There are cakes and pastries on display as well as an all day menu from which you can order things like tandoori chicken roti ($8.50) and turkey ham and cheese croissant ($5.50) should you feel like eating in between the main meal times. There is quite an interesting drinks menu and happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm when beer on tap (Asahi and  Hofbrau Munchen) is served at $10 per pint. Here is a random page from their menu.

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For my quick lunch, I ordered a kampung fried rice ($11.80). This was a basic fried rice with a generous topping of crispy white bait and sambal. It was presented very attractively with large slices of tomato and cucumber. The two sticks of chicken satay had tiny pieces of meat. Overall, it was a simple dish that looked and tasted good. I was the only person eating there for lunch that day. Hopefully they can devise some attractive lunch deals just like what their neighbour La Nonna had done to entice the nearby residents on quiet weekday afternoons. The service was relaxed and friendly. I was given a Singapura Club membership card which entitled me to a 10% discount including this lunch. I was told that the menu would be beefed up soon with the addition of more Indian cuisine. Before I left I tried to look for the cashier but there was none. The same guy that handled the serving also attended to the till 🙁

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Namly Club03Ratings:
Food : 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall: 3 TOPs     3 Tops


The Namly Club Singapura
64 Namly Place
Singapore 267208

Tel: 6469 0168

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