Toothsome Cafe di Tanjong Katong (Closed)

Toothsome Cafe

(Note – under new management since July 2015 – see post Toothsome Cafe – New Owner, New Menu)

9 January 2015

There is a new cafe in Tanjong Katong just opposite the Katong Post Office named Toothsome Cafe. The name immediately reminded me of Oliver Dental Surgery down the road. I asked the manager of the cafe (or maybe the owner) about the name and he said it was derived from the idea of awesome food. The dictionary meanings of toothsome are “temptingly tasty” and “good-looking; attractive“. I thought the new cafe was quite attractive but the food there, though good, could not be said to be awesome.

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe took over the premises of old Tanjong Katong favourite 7th Manna. It is in a shophouse at the slightly quieter end of Tanjong Katong. The new cafe is a project of the 8Tarts n Pastries Bakery, which has retail outlets in Tampines Mall, Causeway Point, Vivo City, JEM and Raffles City. You will thus find egg tarts and traditional Asian pastries and buns for sale at the Toothsome Cafe. They also offer espresso coffee, all day breakfast, snacks, burgers and a mix of local and western food.

The interior deco is simple but neat and chic. Walls are nicely wall-papered. Earth tone is used and the place feels spacious. There is a small faux lawn area in front which is not air-conditioned.

It is a cafe where you order and pay at the counter and the food will be served to you. You help yourself to the utensils and the iced water.

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe

There are opening promotions and special deals such as a tea set of coffee or tea with pastry for $4.50. I had a combination of flat white with apple Swiss roll for $5.60. I also ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger ($12.90).

There was choice of bread for the burger – Sesame Bun, Charcoal Bun or Multi-grain Bun. I opted for the Charcoal Bun which came with plenty of sesame anyway. The burger came with fries and they were served on a nice wooden cutting board. The beef patty was tender, juicy and tasty. The burger was good but would have been better if the bun was well-toasted. The fries were excellent – cut to the right thickness and crispy.

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe

The Swiss roll looked quite nice. It had a good texture and was moist. It was quite enjoyable but probably not something you would crave for. The coffee was good – it was a slightly sweet, low acidity, balanced bodied coffee with a hint of nutty taste.

I would go there again to try some of their other items like their freshly baked banana cake. Their lunch specials like Fish with Rice or Curry Chicken with Rice at $4.50 and Mee Siam at $3.90 are also very affordable options.


I like the ambience of the cafe. There is a homely welcoming feel. The prices are reasonable and there is no service charge. There is a small public car park across the road next to the Canadian International School. On the whole, the food was good but I would not say that it was “temptingly tasty“. The cafe is new and they are still experimenting with the menu. It has not been a bad start. Perhaps in time their food would really be toothsome.

Toothsome CafeRatings:
Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Value: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops

Toothsome Cafe
368 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437125

Tel: +65 9823 5048

Opening Hours
10.30 amd to 10.30 pm
Wed – Closed

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#Street Fact – Katong is the name of an exotic species of sea turtle now extinct and Tanjong Katong means “Turtle Point”. The opening lines of the Malay folk song Di Tanjong Katong means “At Tanjong Katong, the waters are blue, That is the place to find pretty (or toothsome) maidens“.

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