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What to eat at Valley Point

See our updated post What to Eat at Valley Point 2018

What to eat at Valley Point



(August 2016 Update – 2016 tenants’ directory inserted at the end of the post) Things are brewing at the Valley Point Shopping Centre. During a recent visit, we noticed that new restaurants have replaced some of the old ones. It is a good sign as the ‘old’ tenant mix of food and beverage outlets at Valley Point was getting tired. Here’s a look at what is new (as far as we can tell) and the familiar that have remained. There is no lack of options when you want to eat at Valley Point.

A new restaurant that really looks interesting is an Italian restaurant with a witty name: 2it & drink. It certainly has an extensive menu and one other thing that stood out was their pasta making area called the “Pasta Lab” that is located right at the edge of the restaurant and is open for viewing from street level. See our post on 2it & drink.




Another new tenant at Valley Point is Bing Bing Ice-cream Gallery.



The supermarket space which used to be run by Cold Storage is now taken by  Fairprice Finest.


KFC which has taken up quite a large space which is quite nicely done up. It also incorporates a separate counter, KFC Coffee, for coffee-drinkers (something like what McCafe is to McDonald’s I suppose).




KFC Valley Point

The ‘old’ tenants that remain are Croute by Hummerstons, Crystal Wines and Starbucks (which have moved from their previous location to a space at the end of the block.



What to eat at Valley Point – looks like there are plenty of options. There is also The Dining Room @ Frasers Suites, which is located just next to Valley Point

August 2016 Update.

Redhill Noodles Valley Point

Nam Kee Valley Point

Looks like there has been some changes to the tenants. The Japanese restaurant on the ground floor has left and the space is now occupied by 85 Redhill Noodles and Nam Kee Pau.  A small grocer Little Farms has opened opposite NTUC Fairprice. Killiney Kopitiam has opened up in Valley Point. Brez’n has taken the space at the entrance which was previously occupied by Erwin’s.

Brezin Valley Point

Brezin Valley Point Menu

Brezin Valley Point

Here is the directory as at August 2016.

Valley Point Directory



Valley Point

491 River Valley Road
Singapore 248371

Telephone: +65 6737 5523

EPS Parking
1st hour parking at $1.20
Per half hour – $0.60 thereof
Cap at $2.40 after 6pm

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  1. Easily one of the worst KFC outlets I’ve ever been to. The staff was unhelpful, the explanation on the promotional items was botched and the food took ages to arrive. Definite 0/10. Do NOT visit the KFC outlet at this mall if you wish to enjoy your meal.

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