Rani Park – Casual Indian Restaurant, Leisure Park Kallang (Closed)

Rani Park Leisure Kallang

Rani Park gives a glimpse of the multiculturalism and diversity in Singapore. It is a halal certified restaurant owned by Chinese, with Indian chefs, serving Indian food and local beverages like Teh Tarik and Chocolate Dinosaur. The new restaurant in Leisure Park Kallang is another interesting addition to the varied dining options in and around the Singapore Sports Hub. It offers a great variety of dishes like claypot curry fish head, chicken masala, dum biryani, thosai, chapati, naan, roti prata and mee goreng.

Rani Park Leisure Park Kallang

The interior of the restaurant is not likely to win any prize for its aesthetics. We feel that the unattractive open kitchen and the food display counter somehow do not go with the otherwise simple modern decor. However, Rani Park does not pretend to be a place for fine dining. It is serving affordable Indian and local food in a comfortable and pleasant setting.

The menu is simply a laminated printed sheet. Nevertheless, the items offered are quite varied and extensive.

Rani Park menu

Rani Park menu

Rani Park Roti John

We ordered a Roti John ($4.50), Plain Paper Thosai ($4) and Chicken Murtabak ($8). The Roti John was served within a few minutes and we did not have to wait long before the other items were on our table.

The bread of the Roti John was nice and soft and the minced meat and fried eggs filling, with sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise, was flavourful. The taste was much better than the look.

The cone paper thosai was light and crispy with a soft pancake-like layer on the inside. The staple dish from South India was nice even without any filling. However, it was the dipping sauces that elevate the dish to another level. The pale looking coconut chutney did not appear to be very enticing. However, we would now count plain paper thosai with coconut chutney as one of the most enjoyable treats for under $5.

Rani Park Thosai

Rani Park Murtabak

The chicken murtabak was rather huge. This stuffed pancake is made by adding filling to roti prata sheets and was said to be introduced to Malaysia and Singapore by Indian Muslims. The filling is a mixture of beaten eggs, minced meat, diced onions and spices. Both the mixture and the frying of the dough have to be good to make a great tasting murtabak. Rani Park’s murtabak had a thin outer skin that was crispy and the filling was delicious.

To complement our enjoyable meal, we had a Teh Tarik ($1.50) and a Teh Halia ($2). Both were well made and the Teh Tarik was foamy and pulled to the perfect temperature.

Rani Park Teh Tarik

The service at Rani Park was efficient and friendly. The food was better than we expected and the prices were very reasonable. There was no service charge although GST was added. Even with GST, the prices are still comparable to the prices charged in most food courts; but at Rani Park you get service in a pleasant setting with no one hovering around waiting, with their tissue pack ready, for you to vacate your table.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs     3 Tops

Rani Park
#01-36/37 Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397693

Tel : 9321 4048

Opening Hours : 10am-10pm

Nearby Station : Stadium

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