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Eggs & Berries at Westgate, Jurong East

Eggs & Berries Westgate7

In our ongoing search for good places for lunch at Jurong East, we came across this restaurant named Eggs & Berries on level 2 of Westgate shopping mall. At first glance, the name of the restaurant suggests that it is an all-day breakfast kind of place. But we discovered that they serve more than that and, even better, set lunches at very reasonable prices as well.

Eggs & Berries Westgate2

Eggs & Berries Westgate3

The restaurant is very simply decorated. Most of the seating is in the open air area. There is an air-conditioned area which houses the kitchen and a cramped dining area which had a few small tables. Unless it is really hot, it is more comfortable to sit outside than the inside as the conveyance of food and other supplies will take place around you as you eat. At lunch time, Eggs & Berries is quite a popular place and there was a short queue forming soon after we arrived. At a price of $7.50 per person you can design your own lunch by combining  the choice of the main item together with pasta or rice and the vegetables to go with your meal on the side. We selected two different combinations – the braised beef bourgougnon, spaghetti with sauted broccoli and the pan seared seabass, spaghetti with braised aubergine.

Eggs & Berries Westgate6

Eggs & Berries Westgate5

At the price of $7.50 which is not much more than food court prices, we had quite low expectations. The dishes turned out better than expected. Of course they  were not gourmet quality but were decent well cooked dishes. The beef bourgougnon was flavourful and soft. The broccoli and carrots were cooked just enough with some crunch. Very often, vegetables that come with set meals are cooked to death and mushy. This was not the case here. The seabass was well cooked and with one side seared till golden brown. The aubergine was a good accompaniment. I should say that the portion of pasta was small. You will certainly not be full if you have an average appetite. You have an option of adding on some extras like a soup or dessert at a small extra payment (I think it was either one or two bucks more).  But, inspired by the wisdom of our former prime minister, we actually thought that being 80% full was good enough. In fact I think this already has more calories than we needed. So I would regard the small portions were a positive rather than a negative.

Apart from the set meals, Eggs & Berries has quite a comprehensive menu. Here are snapshots of random parts of their menu to give you a general flavour. We also noted that they have a reasonable looking burger set at $13.90. We might try that another time when we are really hungry and the small portions are inadequate.

Eggs & Berries Westgate1

Eggs & Berries Westgate4

Eggs & Berries Westgate8

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Eggs & Berries
#02-16 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Tel: 6465 9189

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