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Gunther’s Restaurant – award winning restaurant at Purvis Street

Gunthers-8Gunther’s Restaurant located in Purvis Street is an award winning restaurant and has been listed among Asia’s Best Restaurants for a number of years. Modern French cuisine is offered in this fine dining restaurant which was opened by Belgian chef Gunther Hubrechsen. We had an inkling that dinner at Gunther’s would be an interesting one when a platter of fresh seafood, meat, vegetable and a goose egg was brought to our table almost as soon as we were comfortably seated.

Gunther's RestaurantThe exterior of Gunther’s is fairly subdued and there are a few bar tables along corridor fronting the busy Purvis Street where you can have drinks. The interior with simple grey walls is elegant with elements of art nouveau designs and modern stylized floral motifs. The conspicuous bar counter at the entrance announces the wide collection of wine labels that can be paired with the food to heighten the dining experience.

We went to Gunther’s Restaurant for dinner to celebrate a special occasion. We were warmly greeted and shown to our table in a side room, which could be used as a private dining room if need be. The usual question of “still or sparkling” was asked. We chose “sparkling water”, which we later found out was $12 per bottle. We were given menus and the platter of fresh raw food was brought out. There were tuna, Alaskan crab, blue lobster, scallops, wagyu beef, rack of lamb, cabbage, orange and a large goose egg. Black truffle was also brought out for us to see and get a whiff of the scent. Those raw items on the platter were the specials for the night apart from what were in the menu. A charming server explained how each of the special items could be prepared. Carpaccio style was mentioned a number of times and many of the special dishes involved truffle.

Gunther's RestaurantGunther's Restaurant

Gunther's RestaurantWe ordered 3 starters to share – the signature cold angel hair pasta with caviar ($80) from the menu, and grilled scallops ($33) and goose egg with black truffle ($97) from the special platter. For our mains, we had the special grilled tuna ($90) and the squid ink flavoured rice with abalone ($38) from the menu. The complimentary amuse-bouche was tempura prawn. Each dish was nicely plated and served promptly.

Gunther's Restaurant Angel Hair Pasta

Gunther's Restaurant ScallopsThe signature cold angel hair pasta was a simple dish that was really special. It looked inviting with the pasta glistening in olive oil with specks of black truffle and topped with Oscietra caviar. The pasta was perfectly done – tender with a slight firmness. The dish was full of flavours and delicious.

The grilled scallop with tomatoes was tender, succulent with a tinge of sweetness. The goose egg was served scrambled with generous shavings of black truffle. There was nothing very special about the scrambled egg and we found the scent and taste of truffle a little over-powering. That was the one dish we did not enjoy.

Gunther's Restaurant Goose Egg

Gunther's Restaurant Goose Egg

Squid Ink Rice with Abalone

Grilled ToroThe most enjoyable dish was the squid ink flavoured rice with abalone. The rice was well cooked and flavourful and was delicious enough to eat on its own. The sliced abalone was tender and delectable. The grilled tuna was served with savoury tomatoes bonbons. The dish was tasty but not outstanding.

We ordered a chocolate souffle ($15) and an apple tart ($15) for desserts. A complimentary petit fours platter, which included canele and macarons, was served. The souffle was nicely puffed up and fluffy and very enjoyable with the ice cream. The crispy fine apple tart was delightful with the rum & raisin ice cream. It was a great way to end an interesting and satisfying dinner.

Souffle at Gunther's

Apple Pie @ Gunther's Restaurant Gunther’s Restaurant is a great venue for fine dining in a down to earth elegant setting. The quality of the ingredients used and the skills and creativity of the chef are all top notch. The service is professional and impeccable. It is one of the best places for a romantic dinner or for special occasions but the bill will not be modest. A fine dining experience comes at a fine price. However, on weekdays Gunther’s Restaurant has a set lunch for $38. That is clearly a price more affordable for the ordinary patrons. We will be returning to Gunther’s for their set lunch.

Gunther's Goose EggRatings:
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Value: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Gunther’s Restaurant
36 Purvis Street, #01-03
Singapore 188613

Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 6338 8955

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm; 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Closed on Sun

Nearby Stations: Bugis, City Hall, Esplanade

#Street Fact – Purvis Street was named after John Purvis, a partner of John Matheson in Canton, who set up a trading company in Singapore named John Purvis & Co. The Singapore company acted as the agent for Jardine Matheson.

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