Singapore Restaurant Week 2015 at Bacchanalia (Moved to Hong Kong Street)

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201510We had our second dinner in this year’s Singapore Restaurant Week which is on from 14 to 22 March 2015 at Bacchanalia which is located in the colonial building that houses the Masonic Club along Coleman Street. A relatively new restaurant, it has already made an impact on Singapore’s f & b scene by its bold decor, innovative cuisine and of course its quite unique location.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201511Bacchanalia restaurant week 201509Bacchanalia restaurant week 201501Boldness in its decor is evident in the photos. It is quite a large restaurant but the seating is organised into sections so it still had a cosy feel.  The place is quite dark with the main source of light coming from projections made onto the hundreds of glass baubles suspended from the ceiling. The colours change so the place could have a pale yellow glow one minute and be bathed in aquarium blue in another.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201503

For restaurant week 2015, the restaurant presents a $55 four course dinner menu. The courses were fixed other than the main course which had two options – Steak and Eggs or Tomato Risotto.  As there were two of us, we had the chance to try both.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201502Bacchanalia restaurant week 2015 A1The first course was a cauliflower gratin. This pale, featureless dish scores lowly in the looks department. Fortunately it has enough personality to sustain our interest. Light and creamy the blend of cauliflower and cheese tastes better than it sounds. HIdden within the mix are deep fried pieces of cauliflower to add some crunch to each spoonful.

The second dish was Eggplant Assam. The portion was really small but it packed a strong and complex taste. The tamarind glaze and burnt eggplant puree really enhanced the taste of the slivers of Japanese eggplant.  This was the best dish of the evening.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201505Bacchanalia restaurant week 201506The tomato risotto was good but not exceptional. The herbs perked up the  taste of the carnaroli rice. The Steak and Egg was a piece of beef cooked sous vide and the “egg” was not really an egg but something else (which now escapes me) made to look like one.  The beef looked good but we did not like the soft. almost mushy texture that sous vide cooking had resulted in. We did not finish it. It was a waste of a good piece of steak. Fortunately the fries were good and we did not have to go home hungry.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201508Dessert came in the form of a deconstructed lemon tart. Instead of being constituted in the normal way, the elements of the tart was strewn randomly in the plate artistically. The taste was good and we re-constructed the elements back in our palates.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at the restaurant. The chefs are obviously talented and are not afraid to present their creations in very novel ways. To do so, it is inevitable that there are hits and misses. We were glad that there was only one miss that day. The other items were interesting and delicious. The portions are quite small so one may have to order more items than usual.  Read about our other Restaurant Week 2015 experience here.

Bacchanalia restaurant week 2015 B1

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops


# Moved to
39 Hong Kong Street

Tel: 6509 1453

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