Asanoya – Japanese bakery and cafe at Queen Street


Boulangerie Asanoya took over the former showroom for Nissan cars at Queen Street. A collaboration between the seventy year old bakery from Karuizawa, Japan and Tan Chong Motors, it has converted the automotive premises into a modern and spacious bakery cafe. Apart from their lovely breads and cakes, we discovered that they serve some interesting set lunches as well.







The long display and service counter runs down the length of this large cafe.  This ensures that while you are waiting for your turn to order and pay, you have ample time to view the attractive bread and cakes and be tempted into buying more items than you originally wanted. Which was what happened to us. In addition to the three lunches that were originally the plan, we ended up with quite a few more items by the time we reached the cashier.

The set lunch costs $12.90 and for that you get a soup (2 options), a sandwich made with their famous bread (7 options), a salad and a drink (2 options). We ordered the Tonkatsu Sandwich, Taru-Taru Fish Sandwich and Mushroom Quiche.






We tried both soups – minestrone and mushroom and they were very good. The salad was fresh and crunchy. It also contains different coloured vegetables, thus ensuring you have a good balance of nutrients. The mushroom quiche looked and tasted delicious. The fish sandwich contains thin slices of deep-fried breaded fish. It reminded us somewhat of the filet o fish at MacDonald’s except that the fish came in thinner slices and the bread used was very tasty. The tonkatsu sandwich was unusual. It had thin tonkatsu pork slices in between the bread. The only issue with this item was the excessive sweet sauce used which basically drowned out the natural flavours of the other ingredients.

All in all, we think $12.90 was a reasonable price for the set lunch and will certainly return again but will ask for less sauce if we order the tonkatsu in the future.

Now we show you the other items that we ordered. We bought some items back and noted that the taste and texture deteriorates quite a bit if you don’t consume it soon. No preservative is used.


Prawn and Avocado Salad ($7) – good starter, very refreshing.


Yuzu Sourcream cake ($4.50) – very good, must try!


French Potato Bread ($6.40) – looks very good but turned out to be just potato in the bread with some sour cream on top. it is a big, dense item so maybe worth it if you are very hungry.


Sweet Potato Yuzu Danish ($3.60) – very good, must try.




Food: 4
Service: 3
Value : 4 (for the set lunch), 3 (for the individual bakery items)
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

15 Queen Street, #01-03
Singapore 188537

Tel: (65) 6703 8703

Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm

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  1. i swear japanese bakeries are always the best! even here in bangkok 🙂 mMmm.. craving some carbs now 😛

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