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Ngee Fou Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou3

We recently had lunch at Ngee Fou Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou which is located in a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road. I have used the full name of the restaurant as stated on the main signboard as there is another yong tau foo restaurant two doors away that is simply named Ampang Yong Tau Fu and looks quite similar as well. So you can take your pick when you get here. Both seem well patronised. We decided on this one because it had the bigger crowd and a slightly more vibrant feel.

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou1

This is a coffee shop style eatery so expect no airconditioning, no aesthetics, sharing of tables and plenty of character! it is quite efficiently run.  We were ushered to a table as soon as we arrived. You have the option of ordering at the stall or placing your order with the usher. Unless you want to see the food items before placing your order, it is easier to just leave it to the usher. All you need to tell her is how many people are there in your party and whether there are particular items you would like to order or avoid. We placed our simple order for a default assortment of yong tau foo for two and two barley drinks.

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou5

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou4

Our order arrived within ten minutes. It is a large plate of yong tau foo items. The deep-fried ones are placed on top so their crispness does not get too badly compromised by the gravy.  These are mostly deep-fried dumplings and some types of beancurd skin.

Below the fried items was a large portion of kang kong vegetables and about ten pieces of boiled assorted yong tau foo, all of which were smothered by a layer of thick and tasty gravy. The boiled items were of the familiar variety such as tofu, tau kwa, fish balls, bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste and a quail egg.

We liked the deep-fried items. They had a taste that is different from those at the usual hawker centres. The boiled items were actually quite ordinary by themselves. What made them delicious was the gravy. The gravy has the ability to make the plainest tofu taste good.  I think this is the unique taste of Ampang yong tau foo and the reason people drive all over the Island to this northern part of Singapore for a meal.

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou2

The total cost for the meal for two was $11.40. $4.50 per person for the YTF and rice. $1.20 for each barley drink.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 1
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops

Ngee Fou Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou
928 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787121

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