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Coastal Settlement – a restaurant like no other in Singapore

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore11

Located right at the northeastern tip of Singapore near Changi Point is a restaurant called The Coastal Settlement. It is housed in a low and long one-storey building that looks like its previous life was a military facility. From the outside, the place looks totally uninteresting. You might even mistake it for a second-hand furniture store. But once inside, it is quite an amazing place.

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore05

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore09

To describe this place as eclectic would be an understatement. Quirky might be more accurate – but in a nice way. From the long bar with Chinese-style wooden door panels with the chandeliers to the retro paraphernalia that are incorporated as part of the decor, there are so many facets to this place. You can choose a corner that you are most comfortable with.

The romantic corner – the sofa area near the window looking out into the forest.  Nice right?

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore08

The Bro corner – hangout with your buddies amidst manly objects like old cars (yes there is an old VW, BMW 6 and Morris Minor on site), old scooters and hifi equipment.

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore12

Alfresco, dine-at-the edge-of-the-forest corner – so tranquil and scenic, you feel like you are in Kyoto.

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore13

Tea ceremony corner – for some reason, this area reminds us of the set-up for a traditional wedding tea ceremony! Better still, come in your 70’s attire and bell bottoms to match the decor. Note the rattan ‘shell’ chair. By the way, the background music also matches this corner. They play mostly retro oldies so that you can re-live Yesterday Once More.

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore10

Speaking of retro, here is a video to bring back some memories while you read on.

Anyway enough of the decor,  all the nice decor is no use unless the food is good right?  Fortunately, we were not disappointed. Coastal Settlement serves quite a wide range of western and local food.  Here are random pages of their menu:

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore06

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore07

We tried a mix of East and West – a wagyu beef & mushroom pizza ($23) and a cray fish laksa ($17).

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore03

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore04

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore01

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore02

The wagyu pizza was an 8-inch. Very thin crust and with generous toppings of beef and mushrooms. Good taste especially the mushrooms which gave the dish a deep earthly taste.

The presentation of the laksa was messy and not much to look at.  In terms of taste it was not very spicy but was smooth and well-balanced. The crayfish was fresh and cooked just nice with the meat a pure white colour and with  bouncy texture.  We will certainly recommend these two dishes to anyone coming here. Interesting place great food – which explains its popularity despite its out-of-the-way location. Reservations are recommended for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Coastal Settlement Changi Singapore A1

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Tel: 6475 0200

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