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Tburu Sushi & Grill – Japanese restaurant at Orchard Gateway @ Emerald

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald09

Before we write about the restaurant, let’s get its location right first.  It is at Orchard Central@Emerald which is the small building on the same side of the road as Centrepoint. It is linked by the tubular overhead bridge across Orchard Road to its big brother, Orchard Central. Located on the fifth floor, Tburu is a newly opened Japanese restaurant where we had lunch recently.

You cannot help but feel the positive vibes when you enter the restaurant. It is modern, spacious and is bathed with the full blast of natural sunlight from the full height windows. Light Jazzy music plays in the background. Its decor is contemporary and if you remove the chopsticks and soy sauce containers, this could be a restaurant serving any cuisine.

At lunch time on a weekday, the place was quite quiet. We shared the space with a few other people.  The restaurant serves mainly sushi and grilled dishes.  At lunchtime, several set lunch options are available ranging from $16 to $38.

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald01

We had the Ebi Tempura Soba ($18), Tokyo Style Tori Karaage Curry ($18) and the Tburu sushi set ($38).  We also tried the grilled squid ($18) and chicken ($4 per stick).

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Tburu Central Gateway Emerald06

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Tburu Central Gateway Emerald07

The grilled items arrived nicely presented on a wooden platter.  We found the grilled squid to be over-done resulting in some dryness and a tough texture. The yakitori was fine but quite ordinary.

The Tburu sushi set was presented in a lovely long plate. The pieces of sushi looked good – with a healthy sheen and with bright colours. In terms of taste, the texture of the fish was a bit soft. But for the price we thought this was reasonably good sushi.

The tempura prawns were well made and of a good size. The cold soba unfortunately was a bit hard. But overall this tempura ebi set would be a light refreshing meal for those with a small appetite.

The chicken curry set turned out to be the item which has consistently good elements. We liked the fried chicken which was crispy and moist. The curry had an inviting smell and taste.  The potatoes had good texture and had absorbed the taste of the curry. This humble dish turned out to be our  favourite of the day.

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald03

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald02

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald08

We should mention that the set meals also come with some side dishes – chawanmushi, soup, seaweed appetizer and boiled cabbage.  While each of them was not distinctive, the added variety provided some welcome interest to the main courses.

Tburu Central Gateway Emerald10


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops


Tburu Sushi & Grill

218 Orchard Road
#05-01 Orchard Gateway @Emerald
Singapore 238851

Tel : +65 6221 0004

Nearby MRT Stations : Somerset

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