Brunch at Cedele Bakery Cafe, 112 Katong (Outlet Closed)

Cedele Bakery Cafe

Cedele opened a bakery cafe in 112 Katong earlier this year. They offer a good range of sandwiches, salads and soups. It has long opening hours and is a good place for breakfast or late supper and anything in between. The bakery also gives those living nearby a great option should they realise late in the evening that they have forgotten to buy bread for the next day’s breakfast.

Cedele Bakery Cafe

The cafe is nicely decorated in contemporary style. Although the dining area is rather narrow, the place does not feel cramped. The full height glass panels allow the place to have natural light.

We went there for brunch on a weekend and the place was quite busy. There was a steady stream of customers buying bread and pastries for take-away. Their hot cross buns were especially popular.

Cedele Bakery Cafe

Besides sandwiches, they also offer waffles and all day breakfast – all made to order. You can add ice cream to your waffles for $2.50 per scoop. They have a breakfast item which sounded very interesting – the Gula Melaka Egg Custard with Butter & Toast.

At the 112 Katong bakery cafe, you queue to order and pay at the counter. The menu boards are behind the counter. You will be given a buzzer and you collect your food and drinks when the buzzer vibrates. You help yourself to the utensils and condiments. If you order soup, you can also help yourself to their breads at the bread station.

The You B.E.T Waffles ($12) on the shop poster looked very interesting and we asked for the waffles. We also ordered a Pulled Pork Gourmet Sandwich ($8.50). The latte and cappuccino were $4.50 each.

The You B.E.T Waffles was a nice brown rectangular piece of waffles topped with Bacon, Egg and Tomatoes. It was served with maple syrup and butter. It was nothing very special or exciting; just like eating normal waffles but with some scrambled eggs and a strip of bacon. You could eat the various items separately. The combination did not make the dish better or more delicious. Thankfully, the Pulled Pork Sandwich was very good. We chose the Golden Pumpkin bread for the sandwich. The bread was made without eggs or sugar but had a natural sweetness from the pumpkins. The pumpkin seeds added a bit of crunchiness to the bread. The pulled pork, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes made a delicious filling. The sandwich was really enjoyable.

Cedele Bakery Cafe

On the whole, we like the new Cedele Bakery Cafe at the 112 Katong. The place is very pleasant and you get good food and reasonable prices. It opens at 8 am so it can be a great place for breakfast as well as brunch. It is also a convenient place to get very good breads in Katong.

Cedele Bakery CafeRatings:
Food : 4
Service : NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs


Cedele Bakery Cafe
Katong I12
112 East Coast Road
#01-02, I12 Katong,
Singapore 428802

T: +65 6443 4868

Opening Hours:
Sun-Mon: 8am to 10pm
Fri & Sat: 8am to 11pm

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