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Dim Sum at Imperial Treasure Restaurant @ Jem

Imperial Treasures Dim Sum Jem11

We had lunch at the Imperial Treasure Seafood Restaurant in Jem recently. It is located in a corner unit on basement 2. Not the most visible of restaurants. Yet on this weekday, the place was full. They must be doing something right especially here in Jurong East where the competition for your dining dollar is fierce among the many food outlets in the Jem, Westgate, JCube and IMM malls.

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Imperial Treasure Jem1

The decor of the restaurant was typical Imperial Treasure, i.e. simple and pleasant with the dark wood panelling lending a serious tone. There are a number of booth seats available so you might want to request for one if you are making a reservation. Ordering was done by checking the multiple choice order form. We selected a sliced fish congee ($7.80),  prawn dumplings (har kau) ($5.40), steamed rice rolls with BBQ pork ($5.50), Teochew dumpling ($4), fried carrot cake ($4.50) and BBQ pork pastry ($4.50).

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The dim sum dishes come with three items each, so it would be perfect if you are dining in a group of three. All the items did not disappoint and we will be happy to eat these any day. The baked BBQ pork pastry ( char siew soh) was well made with a light fluffy pastry skin. The Teochew dumpling was really good. The crunch and assorted tastes of the mixed ingredients inside made each bite a burst of flavours. The rice rolls  were thin and delicate. The fried carrot cake was not bad, but being in the company of the other items, we thought it was quite ordinary. The fish congee was probably the best dish of the day. The porridge was really smooth and consistent. The next time, we might just order one bowl for each of us and forget about anything else.

Do note that there are the usual “overheads” when dining here. Towels are $0.30 each, the nuts are $3, Chinese tea is $2.50 per person. The total cost of our meal for three was about $63 including tax and service charges.

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Imperial Treasure Seafood Restaurant
#B1-11 Jem Shopping Mall
50 Jurong Gateway

Tel: 6339 1811

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