The Rosti Farm at Capitol Piazza (Outlet Closed)

Rosti Farm at Capitol Piazza1


Being curious about the newly completed Capitol Theatre mall, now named Capitol Piazza, we strolled in to check out what the new place had to offer and more importantly, what is there to eat. Basically, only one block out of the three building blocks is completed and open to the public. Within this block only a handful of shops is operational. In other words, the place is still a large construction site, but you can see the final product taking shape. We will show you other pictures of Capitol Piazza in our next post. One of the three restaurants that were open was the Rosti Farm.

Rosti Farm at Capitol Piazza1


Rosti Farm shares the premises with Teuscher Chocolates which has the more prominent signboard such that you might not notice the former at first glance. it is therefore easier to look out for the chocolate shop if you plan to come here. Once Upon a Milkshake is also operated by the same people in the same shop space. The place is decorated in a simple industrial-country style. The staff were nice and friendly.

The menu of the Rosti Farm at Capitol Piazza is quite straightforward. There are two main types of dishes – the rosti (which comes in nine versions) and grilled cheese sandwiches (four versions). We decided on a Chevalat Swiss Sausage Rosti ($11), a Happy Weekender Rosti ($20), a Three Little Pigs and Beef Bad Wolf Rosti ($22), a Grandma’s Classic Grilled Cheese ($6) and a Sauted Mushroom Grilled Cheese ($9). We also had a couple of milk shakes – the regular Double Chocolate ($9) and the mini Cookies & Cream ($4).




Despite the rather interesting names assigned to the dishes, the rosti items looked not quite as interesting when they arrived. Just different sausages and a different topping over the same oily bed of rosti. The Three Little Pigs and Beef Bad Wolf  rosti had 3 types of sausages plus a beef patty on top of the rosti. The Weekender had a fried egg over the rosti. The rosti and sausages were probably cooked with lots of oil. In the end, the tastes of the dishes were roughly the same – potato and sausage in salty greasiness.



Like the rosti, the grilled cheese sandwiches were really oily. The situation was worse in the case of the latter because of the absorbent nature of the bread, resulting in the product being almost saturated in oil. At least in the case of the rosti, the food was presented neatly.



The best items of the day were the double chocolate and cookies & cream milk shakes of Once Upon a Milkshake. Thank goodness for the cold sweetness that cleared out the taste of oiliness.


Food: 2
Service: 3
Value: 1
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 2 TOPs
2 Tpos


The Rosti Farm
L2-31 Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road #02-31
Singapore 178905

Tel: 9823 3779

Opening Hours:
12 noon – 8 pm.

Nearby Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah

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  1. Hello The Ordinary Patrons,

    We chanced upon your review on The Rosti Farm.

    We are from the team behind The Rosti Farm and we would like to thank you for your visit recently. We are sincerely regretful that the overall experience was not as good as expected, especially the greasiness of the food.

    We are thankful for your feedback and review.

    As we are currently on soft-opening mode, we are in the process of fine-tuning our operations and SOP, as well as adjusting to different taste palette – to try to strive and achieve a good balance of taste for all patrons.

    We will definitely take into consideration your review and inputs and we will make the necessary adjustments in totality.

    Thank you once again for dropping by during our soft opening. We hope to serve you again soon.

    Have a great week ahead,
    The Rosti Farm

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