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Teppei Syokudo at Takashimaya

Teppei Syokudo Takashimaya3

The second basement level of Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City is a most fascinating place.  Here you can find many kinds of local food and a whole array of international cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Korean, Italian and Japanese. It was not easy deciding what to eat. In the end, I decided on a tonkatsu bento from Teppei Syokudo. I think it was the high prominent signboard and the display case full of deep-fried items that made me settle for this. Somehow deep-fried food always looks so enticing!

Teppei Syokudo Takashimaya1

Teppei Syokudo Takashimaya2

Teppei Syokudo serves quite a wide variety of food – either as individual pieces or in the form of bento meals that range from $7.80 to $15.80. I opted for the Katsu Curry Rice ($15.80).

Teppei Syokudo Takashimaya6

When the food arrived, there seemed to be no chemistry between me and the food.  It could be the clinical way it was presented, the dark colour of the fried meat or the ultra-darkness of the curry sauce. Probably all of the above. I had expected Japanese food to look nice. In this case, this dish clearly did not score highly for looks. Sadly, it did not do too well in terms of personality either. The dark brown curry sauce hardly had any curry taste. More sweetness than ‘curryness’. The fried katsu was fine by comparison. It looked darker than usual but the taste was the usual familiar taste. But because the rice and katsu were so dry, they desperately needed the curry sauce to make the dish work.  Unfortunately, the teamwork was lacking on that day.

Teppei Syokudo Takashimaya5

Teppei Syokudo
B2 Takashimaya Singapore
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

Nearby Stations : Somerset, Orchard


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