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I Want My Noodle !

I want my noodles Shaw Centre1

“I Want My Noodle” is the name of a new noodle shop that has opened early this year in the new and improved Shaw Centre. The freshly made egg noodles are the attraction here and I could not resist ordering some just to sample it.

I Want My Noodles Shaw Centre1

I Want My Noodles Shaw Centre5

I Want My Noodle is located on the third level of Shaw Centre, sandwiched between the Ship Restaurant and Xi Yan.  The decor of the noodle shop is very basic. With no ceiling boards, you can admire all the air-conditioning ducting, pipes and wires while waiting for the food to arrive. The tables are made from water pipes and distressed wooden boards. You can develop your core muscles while balancing on the stools with very small horizontal surface areas. The overall feeling is as if you are sitting at a street stall, but with the luxury of air-conditioning.

There are various types of noodles on the menu, ranging from simple noodles ($4.90) to the aromatic prawn noodles ($14.90).  I selected something in the mid-range – a bowl of pork noodles ($8.90).  Since I have only one dish to show you today, I will do so in different degrees of zoom. so you can have a clear view of the noodles.

I Want My Noodles Shaw Centre3

I Want My Noodles Shaw Centre2

I Want My Noodles Shaw Centre4

The food was served in a retro styled bowl which was consistent with the overall decor.  The noodles were smothered with a generous amount of minced pork,   This seemed like a deluxe version of the humble bak chor mee.  With the unhealthy pork lard bits, the taste was good.  The noodles have the same curly look of instant noodles but were thicker. The main difference reveals itself when you eat them. They were bouncy, springy and very delicious.

The noodles also came with a small bowl of soup and a crisp papadum-like cracker. The soup was quite tasteless. The cracker was added some crunch and interest to the dish. The chilli that was provided was very potent and made the dish very tasty.

Overall, it was a good bowl of noodles. $8.90 might seem like a high price to pay for a bak chor mee, but I think the folks behind the dish should be applauded for seeking to bring up levels of local cuisine. We are quite prepared to pay even higher prices for good ramen or pasta right? The only thing  I wish they would improve is the ambience and comfort of seating. Many food courts have a better setting – see for example our TOP food court list here. 

Food: 4
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Value: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

I Want My Noodles
#03-14/15 Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road
Singapore 228028

Tel : 6235 2331

Opening Hours : 10:45 am – 9pm

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  1. “You can develop your core muscles while balancing on the stools” – can eat & exercise at the same time 😀

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