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Hip Cafe Flock(s) to Ghim Moh

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh6

(June 2016 update – Flock has been replaced by Semper Coffee – see pictures at the of this post)

Residents of Ghim Moh may have had it good in terms of food choices. The coffee shops and food centre offer many choices, some of them top-notch local food (read, for example, our review on the famous char siew stall here). Yet there was still some emptiness, a longing for something more trendy, more international and perhaps most importantly, air-conditioning. Perhaps the opening of a hip new cafe by Flock will address this void.  Will it be the start of the hip-eration of Ghim Moh?

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh8

Flock (which has another outlet in Tiong Bahru) is located on the ground floor of a HDB block (next to the market which is now under renovation),  but it is hard to notice Flock as a cafe unless you walk past it, stop and look. From the outside, the big glass windows reflect the bright sunshine, making the interior barely visible from far. The non-descriptive signboard has the word “cafe” in small print. The overall look does not offer any clue as to what is inside. It could be a hairdresser, a tuition centre or even a modern RC centre.

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh2

But once inside, the cafe is an oasis of calm, the staff are very warm and welcoming and immediately you feel like you are in somewhere else, perhaps Tiong Bahru. It is a small place, with seating for about  30 diners. The decor is white and contemporary. The tables line up facing a large blackboard, which sort of reminded me of the classrooms of old.  The menu is quite predictable for this genre of cafe.

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh1

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh9

Half of the food menu is taken by the all-day-breakfast kind of food e.g. scrambled eggs, sandwiches and other variants ranging from $8 to $14. Other items include beef burger ($17), pastas and fish and chips ($14). There are a couple of lunch specials. I asked for recommendations and the beef burger and pork cheek rigatoni were suggested. I decided on the latter ($14).

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh3

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh4

The beef cheek rigatoni was attractively presented. The overall portion was quite small. I had expected a more robust taste from the pork and sauce, but the predominant taste was sweetness. The large tubular pasta were well cooked to the right degree – soft yet with some resistance to the bite. To keep you entertained, there were a few magazines available, mostly the arty, trendy type.

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh5

All in all, I welcome FLOCK to the Ghim Moh neighbourhood.  I know there is a wide choice of restaurants and cafes nearby at Star Vista. Somehow having a cafe at the bottom of an HDB block makes it that much more accessible and friendlier.  It also provides a place for an espresso and to cool down after your tze char meal at the kopi tiam across the road.  Taste-wise, I was not super-impressed with today’s dish, but it is not fair to judge them by one item alone. In terms of the whole cafe-package, it scores highly on friendliness, ambience and bravery (for being the first hip cafe to set up in Ghim Moh).

Flock Cafe in Ghim Moh7

June 2016 update – Flock seems to have closed and is replaced by Semper Coffee. Here are some pictures.

Semper Coffee Ghim Moh - 3

Semper Coffee Ghim Moh - 1


Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops


#01-213 Blk 21 Ghim Moh Terrace
Singapore 270021

Tel:  67107804

Opening hours:
Tue – Sun : 9 am to 6 pm
Closed on Monday


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