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Baker & Cook – new outlet at Intercontinental Hotel / Bugis Junction


The new Baker & Cook outlet is a part of the Intercontinental Hotel but it may be easier to find it if you consider it as a cafe in Bugis Junction as it is at the end of the row of food outlets that line the mall along North Bridge Road.




This new Baker & Cook outlet at Intercontinental Hotel is a small one.  A large part of the floor space is taken up by the attractive looking display case and service area. There are two small tables,  a large communal eating table and a small counter with total seating for around 20 pax. The menu was quite limited, this appeared to be a place suitable for a light snack or dessert rather than a full meal.

We ordered a Baker & Cook Deluxe Granola ($13), a Pizza Slab ($7.50), and a Thai Green Curry Pie ($10.50).



The dishes looked interesting enough when they were served. It was tricky to eat the granola out of a tall narrow plastic container, so we emptied the contents into a bowl which the staff supplied on request. Taste-wise, the granola with yogurt was quite ordinary.


The Thai green curry pie was something unusual and had caught our eye. It was accompanied by a generous side of crunchy salad.  The green curry was actually very good. Quite spicy and authentic tasting. But the pastry of the pie was however soft and chewy. We suspect that it could have been the result of the use of a microwave for warming up the pie rather than by a regular convection oven.


The pizza slab looked attractive enough, but unfortunately, had probably suffered the same treatment as the pie. The rubbery texture was the only thing we could remember about this dish. We were sure the taste would be much better if it was freshly made or warmed up properly.

Despite the disappointment of the above items, the sweet items in the display were too appealing to not try since we were already there. We ordered a couple to sample. A piece of chocolate lamington ($5) and a salted caramel doughnut ($5.50).





The sweet items were much, much better.  We believe this was primarily because no heating up or preparation was required. Served straight out of the chiller, they tasted as good as they looked. The salted caramel in particular had a nice blend of sweety-saltiness. If we had known this we would have all just eaten doughnuts that day!



Food : 3
Value: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Baker & Cook
80 Middle Road #01-72A
(Intercontinental Hotel)
Singapore 188966

Tel: +65 6825 1502

Opening hours:
8am to 7pm

Nearby Station: Bugis


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