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Green Dot 绿一点 at Paya Lebar Square

Green Dot  绿一点

绿一点 Green Dot at Paya Lebar Square is a place for a meat-free nutritional meal. Its founders believe that “just by going meat free once or twice a week, we can take a step towards making a positive impact on ourselves, our community and the environment“. It offers an interesting range of food, tea and desserts. Green Dot, which started as a fast food venture in the campuses of a polytechnic and schools, now has new outlets at Paya Lebar Square and Westgate Mall.

Green Dot  绿一点 at Paya Lebar Square

The Paya Lebar Square outlet is quite spacious. It has a clean contemporary look with a casual and inviting feel. There are posters and LCD screens with colourful and attractive photos promoting the food they are serving. The display cabinets also have a tempting array of food.

The menu is quite varied and interesting. There are noodles like Spicy Taiwanese Bean Paste Noodles, Laksa and Tom Yum Noodles. There are also Rendang Rice Bowl, Mushroom Hot Pot and Soya Burgers and Mushroom Burgers. They also have specialty tea and desserts such as Hazelnut Bomb, Mudpie and Vegan Ice Cream.

Green Dot  绿一点

Green Dot  绿一点

Their signature dish is the rice bento. You get to choose from White Rice, Brown Rice or Sesame Rice and add three items from the wide range of food on display. The price of the bento will be between $5.90 and $7.90 depending on what items you pick. Add $1.90 and you will also get a bowl of soup.

I opted for the Brown Rice with pumpkin, bean curd and sweet & sour soya nuggets. The combination was $6.90. On the whole the food was fine. As expected, it was not oily and not too salty. It felt like having a simple home-cooked meal. I enjoyed the sweet & sour soya nuggets most. It tasted very much like chicken nuggets and was quite tasty.

They had a tea and dessert special for $4.90; so I ordered the Mi Xiang Red Tea and Osmanthus Jelly. Mi Xiang (or Honey Orchid) is a version of oolong tea from Taiwan. It is unusual because of its organic method of cultivation. Apparently, as no pesticide is used, the tea leaves are exposed to hopper bugs; and the bugs’ nibbling of the leaves stimulates a chemical change in the tea leaves which yields a floral, honey-like aroma and flavour. The Mi Xiang Red Tea did taste like flavoured tea. The Osmanthus Jelly was nicely presented. It had a good texture with sweet floral flavours. It was a nice refreshing end to a meal.

Green Dot  绿一点

Green Dot-2

绿一点 Green Dot is a casual restaurant with friendly and helpful staff. The prices are reasonable and you can help yourself to free ice water. The menu has a good variety of items. It may not be the place to go for a gourmet meal. However, if you want a simple satisfying meal, Green Dot is a good option, especially when you are trying to eat more healthy meals. There is the added bonus that a meal at Green Dot may mean a small contribution to the greening of the environment.

 Green Dot 绿一点

Food : 3
Value: 4
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops



Green Dot 绿一点
60 Paya Lebar Road
Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051

Tel : +65 67022221

Opening Hours : 11am – 10pm

Nearby Station : Paya Lebar

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  1. The above state operating hours for green dot is 11am-10pm. I reach at 9.19pm. The staff told me their closed and start packing up. Is the above time stated wrongly or their operations hours change?pls advise.

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