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TOP Restaurants to go to on a date with Rui En

After watching the recent Star Awards 2015 and the news conference on the World of Georgette Chen documentary drama, one is left with the unmistakable conclusion that Rui En is one of our most popular and talented actresses.  So it set us thinking, if we have the opportunity to go on a date with Rui En, what are the places we would take her on a date in Singapore? Granted, the odds of this happening in real life are probably the same as us winning the Chinese New Year super Toto top prize.  But as they say, we must think big right?

Before we start on the list of restaurants to go to on our hypothetical date with Miss Rui En, we must confess that we have no clue as to what she is really like or her background, so we have to act on the assumption that everything Wikipedia says about her as at the date of this post is correct.

1. Music Dreamer Live! Cafe

Music Dreamer Live! Café 爱琴海民歌餐厅

Before her acting career, Rui En was a singer. She started her singing career in 2002 in Taiwan where she had collaborations with Jay Chou.  Music Dreamer Live! Cafe is an interesting new restaurant with live bands for entertainment in the Aperia Mall. The place is alcohol-free and wholesome (and will subliminally create a good first impression by implication that we are pure, wholesome people). The food is good and the place provides a platform for young artistes to showcase their talents.

We think this will make an excellent restaurant to bring Rui En on a casual first date to celebrate her first small steps as a singer which had eventually become a giant leap to stardom. As she watches the young performers on stage, she will look back on how far she has come since her singing debut. That should bring a rare smile to her face. Actually this might also be a good venue for Rui En to hold a gathering with her fans from her amazing RBKD fan club.

2. Chilli Padi @ Joo Chiat


Why a Peranakan restaurant you may ask? For one, the food here is really good and nonya food is usually a safe bet since Wikipedia did not contain any info on her food likes or dislikes.

But the real reason to dine with Rui En here is to celebrate her 2009 winning of the Babe of the Year award. We can imagine that the victory must have been particularly sweet for Rui En as she beat Jeanette Aw who was very popular at that time because of her successful role in the serial The Little Nonya. We are sure the delicious nonya food such as bakwan kepiting and chap chye at Chilli Padi will remind her of 2009 and put us in her good books.

3. LOWERCASE Cafe @ LASALLE College of the Arts

Lowercase @ LASALLE

It seems that as part of her preparation for her role as Georgette Chen, Rui En had not only picked up French, she also learnt some basic sketching and painting. What a coincidence ! We had just signed up for short courses on painting and art at Lasalle. We would love to show her the campus and then adjourn to the relaxed atmosphere of the LOWERCASE Cafe within the campus to chill out. If she is hungry, we would recommend she tries the Eggs Benedict and Spaghetti Bolognese – humble dishes but very well made here. We can chat all day about the art of Van Gogh whom she became quite fascinated with during her recent filming in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

4. Tsukada Nojo

Tsukada Nojo Westgate10

Not many people will remember that in 2013, Rui En was appointed the Singapore spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. One look at her flawless complexion and we can understand why. Which is the reason we think she will be thrilled if we took her out for lunch at the Tsukada Nojo ramen shop at Westgate. The ramen comes in specially made soup stock imported from Japan which contains collagen to ensure that her beauty lives on and on.

5. Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia restaurant week 201501

After our first few dates at the above locations, En will not be wrong if she suspects that we had selected places which are friendly to our pockets. But to allay any suspicion that we are too one-dimensional (read : budget conscious) we will put her mind at ease by our final two choices of location.  Bacchanalia is a classy restaurant with a unique atmosphere.  Being close to the new Singapore National Gallery (the former Supreme Court building), our date can start off with a late afternoon visit to the Georgette Chen exhibition there, followed by a short stroll as the sun sets to the Bacchanalia for dinner.

6. Jiang Nan Chun

JIang nan chun four beauties of china16

Watching Rui En at the Awards show and her polished appearance at the Georgette Chen press conference, we cannot but admire her great beauty which immediately brought to mind our “Four Beauties of China” dinner at Jiang Nan Chun.  As a gesture of our admiration of En, we will surprise her by requesting the chef to design a special menu to celebrate our very own Beauty of Singapore. Furthermore, we understand she is Cantonese which corresponds with the type of cuisine served at this beautiful Chinese restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel.

This concludes our list of restaurants to go to on a date in Singapore with Rui En. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have writing it!

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