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Dazzling Cafe Singapore at Capitol Piazza (Outlet Closed)

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol

Dazzling Cafe 蜜糖吐司專賣店, the Taiwanese dessert chain, has opened its Singapore branch at the new Capitol Piazza. Dazzling Cafe Singapore seems like it is designed for the instagram generation. The cafe, its food and even its menu all look colourful and dressed-up to be photographed. The food at Dazzling Cafe Singapore is good but not that good that I would wait in line if there should be a long queue.

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol

Dazzling Cafe Singapore is on level 1 of the Galleria at Capitol Pizza. It has a mezzanine sitting area under the skylight. You can get plenty of sunlight if you are in the mezzanine area and perhaps a good view of the starry sky in the evening. The interior design is in the cutesy Japanese cafe style. The waitresses’ uniform look like Japanese french maid costume. The cafe has a system which seems to ensure that there is almost always a queue at its entrance. If you see a queue it does not necessarily mean that the cafe is full. There can be a queue even if there are plenty of unoccupied tables inside.

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol

Menu Dazzling Cafe

Dazzling Cafe is famed for its desserts and especially its signature Honey Toasts but it has a separate menu for savoury dishes. The mains are mainly spaghetti. Dazzling Cafe Singapore has a unique to Singapore Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti.

Menu Dazzling Cafe

Dazzling Cafe Singapore Menu

Singapore Dazzling Cafe

In anticipation of having the Honey Toast as my main, I ordered a Smoked Parma Ham Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette ($12.90). It came nicely presented with two large slices of Parma ham. There was a good mix of fresh salad leaves and the cured ham was simply delicious. The ham was sweet with muted saltiness. Its texture was silky. The Parma ham salad dish was must enjoyable.

Honey Toast at Dazzling Cafe

The main event was the Dazzling Classic Honey Toast ($16.90). It was plated for photographs. The waitresses were conditioned to allow patrons sometime to snap pictures from all angles after they serve the dessert. They come back when you are finished to offer to help you slice up the toast.

The toast came in a cube with a scoop of ice cream on top and honey on the side. A waitress helped me to cut open the cube to reveal 6 slices of toast inside. She then demonstrated how each slice of toast could be buttered, topped with ice cream and drizzled with honey. The honey toast was nice but I could not really understand why superlatives had been used to describe it. The outer layer of the cube was tough and difficult to cut into pieces. It is probably not meant to be eaten. The slices of bread inside the cube was soft and lightly toasted. Overall, the dessert dish looked good and the way it was presented and served was unique but in terms of taste it was nothing extraordinary. If you toast your own bread and add some ice-cream, butter or cream cheese, sprinkle it with fine sugar and drizzle it with honey, it will probably taste just as good as the Dazzling Honey Toast.

Honey Toast at Dazzling Cafe

On the whole, I like the Dazzling Cafe as a place for desserts and a cup of coffee but I would give it a miss if I have to wait more than a few minutes in a queue to get in. It is a nice cheery space, though the tables are placed quite close together. The staff are pleasant and efficient. Free ice water is served. The food is quite food and there is an interesting variety of pretty desserts. I would go there again but only when it is not too crowded.

Capitol Piazza Dazzling Cafe View1

Dazzling Classic Honey Toast

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


Dazzling Cafe Singapore 蜜糖吐司專賣店
15 Stamford Road
#01-85 Galleria
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Tel : +65 6384 3310

Nearby Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah


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