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The Red Baron in Gillman Barracks (Closed)

Red Baron

Red Baron is a new cafe and bar in the Gillman Barracks arts cluster. A small interesting standalone structure houses the kitchen, a small indoor seating area and an outdoor bar area. There are more outdoor seats across the road. Established by the people behind the Artistry art gallery and cafe, Red Baron Cafe & Bar serves all day breakfast, snacks, coffee, craft beer, sodas, tarts and cakes. It is a good place for brunch, afternoon tea or drinks in the evening.

Red Baron at Gillman

Red Baron Cafe & Bar is located quite deep inside the Gillman Barracks complex but is linked by a covered walkway to the bus stop at Alexandra Road just opposite the PSA Building. We drove into the Gillman Barracks after dinner looking for a place for coffee and desserts and were attracted by this little interesting outpost which was the only place with any sign of life in that part of Gillman Barracks at about 8 pm. Amidst the rustic dimly lit surroundings, a simple red bricks and glass structure which was bathed with a warm glow of yellow light evoked a feeling of mystery. There were plenty of empty parking lots near the structure which did not seem to have a signboard, so we decided to do a little exploration and were not disappointed by what we found.

Red Baron

Red Baron at Gillman

There were a few people having beer on a table just outside the cafe. We were unsure whether the place was still open but we were warmly welcomed. Only when we were seated and given the menu did we realise that we were in the Red Baron Cafe & Bar. The Red Baron has a very small indoor air-conditioned area which can accommodate maybe 10 to 12. There is a glass cabinet where a tempting array of cakes is on display. It has a fairly simple menu with a few breakfast items, salads, pasta and sandwiches.

We were told that the cafe’s opening hours were from 10am to 5pm daily but the evening we were there was the first time they had extended operations into the night. We were told that they were still working things out but as from early May 2015 the bar should be open till midnight or even later if there should be demand. So do check their Facebook page for the opening hours if you are going there in the evening.

Menu at Red Baron at Gillman

Red Baron at Gillman

All the cakes and tarts of the Red Baron are baked in-house. We ordered a Blackforest S’mores Tart ($7), a Banana Loaf ($5) and a pot of Ginger Tea ($6). The teapot was quite a large one with capacity for at least 4 cups of tea.

The Blackforest S’mores Tart had a thick and delicious chocolate crust with dark chocolate filling and a layer of berries compote. It was topped with torched meringue. It looked seductively good. The meringue was not sour and the tart was not too sweet. There was a balanced mix of textures and flavours which made the dessert  enjoyable. The banana loaf was warmed up before it was served. It was topped with crumbs and had bits of nuts. It was moist and scrumptious.

Red Baron at Gillman

Red Baron at Gillman

 We were glad to have discovered the Red Baron in Gillman Barracks. We enjoyed our desserts and tea at the Red Baron Cafe & Bar. We thought their prices were reasonable. They have a good range of craft beers and their Lemon Meringue tart and Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate tart are said to be very good. If you like to have a light meal, desserts or drinks in a quiet tranquil location, give the Red Baron Cafe & Bar a try.

Red Baron at Gillman

Food: 4
Value: 3
Service : 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops


Red Baron Cafe & Bar
Block 45 Malan Road
Singapore 108937

Tel : +65 6334 6734

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Nearby Station : Labrador

#Street Fact – Malan Road is named after Major C. H. Malan, Commanding Officer at Tanglin Barracks from 1868 to 1870. Major was also the first lay chaplian of the St George’s Church in Tanglin.

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