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BurgerUp Classix at HillV2 Mall

Burgerup Classix HillV27

BurgerUp Classix is one of the latest tenants to move into the newly opened HillV2 mall in the residential Hillview area. It occupies a good location at the mall on the street level with big frontage facing the road and the nearby condominium. We stopped by recently to try their classic burgers.

Burgerup Classix HillV21

The decor of BurgerUp Classix looks more like a steakhouse than a burger joint. It is quite attractive. The red brick walls and simple dark wood furniture give it a masculine, country atmosphere.

Burgerup Classix HillV2 A1Burgerup Classix’s menu certainly has a wide range of burgers ranging from the basic “Classix Section” which costs $6.90 each to a Mega Burger that costs $12.95. We decide to try two of their classic selections – the Classix Beef and the Classix Chicken. Each order of burger comes with a choice of fries or coleslaw. We opted for one of each.

Burgerup Classix HillV22

Burgerup Classix HillV26

The burgers were served in simple wicker baskets lined with grease paper.  The above pictures show the chicken classix with fries. I must say that while the food looks plain, the taste of the burger was good. The chicken patty had been seasoned with some sort of flavour that I cannot describe which  makes it very tasty. The slight charring of the patty also added to the flavour (although that is probably not too healthy). The fries were freshly made and were hot, crispy and not oily – just the way we like them.

Burgerup Classix HillV25

Burgerup Classix HillV24

The beef Classix burger looked similar to the chicken burger except for the darker colour of the beef patty.  We think the beef was less distinctive than the chicken in terms of taste. Still, we could taste the beef in the patty and so would prefer this over most types of fast food burgers. The coleslaw was quite ordinary and a bit too sweet for our liking. So we would opt for the fries should we eat here again.

Overall, our dining experience at Burgerup Classix was positive. We like the fact that the restaurant was a full service one so that we need not queue at the counter. The decor was nice and the  food was decent and certainly good value at $6.90 each. At the price range of $7 to $13, they seem to be positioned somewhere between the fast food burgers and the upmarket burger choices.  Which could either turn out to be a smart move or be a dangerous place to be in if not handled properly as it is neither here nor there.

We really hope to see them succeed as we would like to see more dining options in Upper Bukit Timah and Singapore in general. Hopefully a more upbeat service delivery and more visibility to consumers (we tried unsuccessfully to locate their website) will make the restaurant more enticing.

Burgerup Classix HillV23


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops



Burgerup Classix
#01-11 HiilV2
4 Hillview Rise Singapore 667979

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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