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Bigmama Korean Restaurant, Biopolis

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis15

Bigmama BBQ and Beer is a Korean restaurant with a weird name but it serves up good food at reasonable prices. It is located in the Biopolis cluster of buildings at Buona Vista. We visited the area on a Saturday afternoon, the place was practically deserted and many of the restaurants were closed as it seems their main customers are the working crowd on weekdays. The Bigmama Korean restaurant, Biopolis was one of the few that were open for business.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis01

Bigmama is a simply decorated restaurant.  No frills, but neat and presentable. The staff were friendly and helpful. Their menu contains the usual Korean dishes with roasted meats as their speciality. The roast meats look interesting but seemed very substantial. Maybe we will try it when we come in a larger group. We decided to go for simple dishes – a bibimbap and a Korean pancake that day. Here are some random pages from the Bigmama menu.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis02

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis03

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis10

The beef bibimbap was available in two versions – in normal crockery or in a hot stone pot.  We decided on the latter – dolsot bibimbap with beef ($15).  It turned out to be a good choice. The extra $1 was well worth paying as the heat from the pot burns the rice and creates a nice crispy skin at the bottom. It also keeps the dish warm for a long time.  The taste of the bibimbap was good. There were a lot of vegetables and other ingredients with tastes that blended well when mixed up together.

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Our second dish was a Buchu Jeon ($15). A Korean pancake made with chives and seafood. This was our first time trying this dish. It was like an Asian thin crust pizza.  We like the crispy texture and the taste of the chives and seafood. The taste of the chives (which we like) was the prominent taste.  We will certainly recommend this to anyone who comes here. The bibimbap was good but not much different from those in any other good Korean restaurant. Both were served in generous portions.

Another interesting thing about dining at Korean restaurants is the availability of interesting side dishes. Here, the bibimbap (and any other main dish other than the pancake) comes with six side dishes.  We especially liked the  spinach, the lotus root salad and muk (a jelly like substance with seasoning).  You can get an endless supply of these as the staff made continuous refills to replenish the side dishes.  We had to stop them as our waistlines expanded rapidly over lunch.

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Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis04

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis14


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We enjoyed our lunch at Bigmama Korean restaurant, Biopolis. With its unusual name, we did not know what to expect when we stepped in. It turned out to be a good discovery.

Bigmama Korean restaurant Biopolis is located in the Centros Building – actually you need not worry too much about which particular building as they are all within walking distance from each other and the Biopolis area is so pleasant that you will want to walk around to explore anyway. If you are driving, park at the yellow zone at B3. The other levels are for season parking – yes even on Saturday when B1 and B2 are almost completely empty.

Biopolis neighbourhood08

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops



BIGMAMA BBQ & Beer at Biopolis
20 Biopolis Way,
#01-01 Centros
Singapore 138668

Tel: +65 6738 8887

Opening Hours :
Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm and
Dinner: 5.30pm to 11pm

Closed on Sundays


Nearby Station : Buona Vista

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  1. that jeon looks delish 🙂 i always end up filling my tummy up with the side dishes before the main even comes out! 😛

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