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Wildfire Kitchen & Bar – burger restaurant at Bukit Timah (closed)


(This Wildfire outlet has closed)

Wildfire Kitchen & Bar is located along Evans Road in the Bukit Timah part of Singapore. It shares the same building as a few other eateries such as the Wine Company and Mr Prata. We were sufficiently tempted by the gorgeous photos of burgers and hot dogs on their facebook page that we decided to drop by for brunch.



The dining area of Wildfire Kitchen & Bar is done up in a simple rustic, industrial style. There are two sections, a smaller air-conditioned one and an outside area. WIth the recent heatwave in Singapore still going strong, it was understandable that most of the patrons preferred the AC area which was fully taken up. The outside area was too humid and balmy, even with some ceiling fans spinning furiously.

As you can expect, the menu contains the usual burger restaurant type of food. We were disappointed to learn that the burgers are in the main menu which only starts service at noon.  We had to order from the limited selections of the breakfast menu.





The only burger available from the breakfast menu was the Eggstarter burger ($15).  As you can see from the above picture it looks wonderful. Do you feel hungry already? It was really good. The Kurobuta sausage patty worked so well with the gooey combination of melted cheese and  scrambled egg to make a super breakfast burger.



The next two items that we had were the Wildfire breakfast ($19) (top photo) and the Swiss rosti ($18) (above photo).  Can you spot the differences?  If you can’t,  don’t feel bad, I have difficulty sorting the photos until I remembered that there were two differences. The Wildfire breakfast had bacon and slices of bread. The Swiss rosti does not come with bacon and the rosti ( below the eggs) replaces the bread. The various items – bread, eggs, sausages are usual breakfast restaurant quality. The notable item was the rosti which was well made and not oily. So we suggest you order the rosti and save a dollar unless you really must have bacon in your breakfast.



Our last item was the corned beef hash ($13). You get a choice of eggs and we asked for scrambled eggs which turned out to be an excellent companion with the corned beef. This was a lighter dish than the others that we had that day and would recommend it to those who are not so hungry.

You can’t have breakfast without coffee and burgers without beer right? So we had both. Wildfire has a very wide selection of beers and we certainly suggest you browse through their list. Here are a couple of pages from their big beer list. We tried the Hitachino Nest white ale and it was refreshing – a bit like Hoegarden but lighter.





We did not have room for dessert but could not resist trying a Singapore made ice-cream that we have not seen before. It is a butter-scotch bacon flavoured ice cream by the Ice Cream and Cookie Co ($6). Because it is quite unusual, we have unboxed the item for you slowly so you can have a good look at it. It reminds us of the sandwich ice-cream from the old days. The taste was good. There were bacon bits in the ice-cream and the slight bacon was interesting (in a good way).





Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Wildfire Kitchen & Bar
26 Evans Road, Singapore 259367
Tel:  6734 2080

Opens daily 11 am to 10.30 pm


#Street Fact – Evans Road is named after William Evans, the Resident Councillor and Protector of the Chinese in Singapore in 1902.

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