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New restaurant – London Fat Duck @ Scotts Square, Singapore

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore09

A couple of new restaurants have opened at the basement level of the upmarket Scotts Square – London Fat Duck, a Chinese restaurant and Time and Flow, a champagne and wine salon.  We stopped by at the Fat Duck to sample a few items on their menu on what we believe was the first day of their operations.  We did not try Time and Flow, the champagne place on this visit but you can see a picture of it at the end of this post.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore03

London Fat Duck at Scotts Square is not a large restaurant.  The place was very crowded on that day and had a fair amount of hustle and bustle. The tables are arranged close to each other which makes the restaurant feel a bit congested. It is best to focus on the food, eat quickly and adjourn to the more relaxed atmosphere of Dome cafe across the corridor for coffee. Other than the private dining room which seems to be more opulent, the restaurant is decorated quite simply (efficient functionality are words that come to mind).

The restaurant serves the Hong Kong noodle restaurant type of food which includes dim sum, noodles, congee, and dumplings. The main attractions are the roasted meats. Their signature whole roast duck costs $48.80. A portion of roast pork (char siew) is $14.80. The char siew was apparentlt y sold out by the time we were there. To give you an idea of what the London Fat Duck’s menu is like, here is a section from the food order form.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore12

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore10

“Beam us up Scotty ….”

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore01

The goose is cooked for these ducks.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore06

We ordered a roast duck rice ($7.80). At first, it looked like a duck drumstick was served with the rice, but on closer examination, it seemed that only the bony ends of the drumstick were on the plate, with not much of the meaty part in between. From what little meat we could taste, the duck was good. They must have used really obese ducks in the kitchen as you can see the amount of fat under the skin which may explain the rich flavours you get from the duck. If you are going to the restaurant mainly for the duck, we suggest you order the whole or half duck ($26) to avoid getting served with the odd parts.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore05

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore04

The shrimp dumpling soup ($8) contained five juicy shrimp dumplings. The taste was very authentic Hong Kong but with strong peppery tones.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore08

The black pepper London duck buns (4.80) were highly recommended to us. The buns are made with a very chewy sort of pastry. Inside the bun was a sticky paste that had fragments of duck. The paste has the honey sweetness of char siew sauce (similar to that of a char siew pow) but with an added boost of black pepper. This chef sure is a fan of pepper. We liked it because it was unusual, but those who are not fond of pepper should thread carefully.

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore07

Our final dish was a pan-fried radish cake ($4.80). This was quite ordinary, similar to those at many dim sum places in Singapore.

London Fat Duck, Scotts Square is a place you go for their roast meat specialities. The staff were friendly and there were the usual teething issues, but nothing serious and perfectly understandable for their first days of operation.The atmosphere in this restaurant is more down to earth and thus quite different from the rest of this high-end mall. Perhaps ordinary patrons like us will now be able include Scotts Square on our dining radar screen.

Time and Flow Champagne1

Time and Flow – the new champagne bar next door to London Fat Duck

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops


London Fat Duck
Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
Singapore 228209

Tel: +65 6443 7866

Opening Hours : 11 am to 10 pm

Nearby Station : Orchard


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