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1933 Capitol Piazza – BreadTalk’s New Cafe (Closed)

1933 Capitol Piazza

1933 is the name of a new cafe located on the ground level of Galleria in Capitol Piazza. It is a new brand concept of the BreadTalk Group which has within its stable household brands such as Toast Box, Ding Tai Fung and Food Republic, as well as Sanpoutei Ramen, Icing Room and Bread Society. It is, therefore, not surprising that 1933 sells bread and many dishes on its menu features bread. The name of the cafe, 1933, is derived from the year of completion of the Capitol Building in Singapore which is now part of the newly revamped complex known as Capitol Piazza.

1933 Capitol Piazza

1933 Capitol Building

The interior design of 1933 is attractive and seemed to be inspired by the art deco style of the 1930s. It combines traditional motifs with rich colours. A rustic bread display cabinet at the entrance and the use of wicker chairs add a pleasant air of nostalgia. Under the skylight, the cafe in the beautifully done up atrium of Capitol Piazza recalls a gracious 1930s colonial Singapore courtyard where one could sip tea and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

1933 Capitol Theatre

We went to 1933 for brunch and things did not get off to a good start. We were shown to a table which was really very small and adjacent tables were just inches away. We were a little surprised when we were asked if we would like sparkling water or still water. We were more surprised when we said we would just like iced tap water but were told that we would be charged for tap water.

They have an all day breakfast menu and a regular menu for lunch and dinner. There is an attractive set meal for $19.90 where you get to choose a main and a drink. We half suspected it but decided to ask anyway if we could have the set meal. We were politely told that it was not available on weekends. The menu offers a mix of western dishes and local dishes such as eggs with luncheon meat, fish & chips, pork loin and chicken rice.

 Eggs Royale 1933 Capitol

 Eggs Royale 1933 Capitol Piazza

We ordered the Eggs Royale ($11.80) and Nanyang Curry Chicken ($14.90). The wait for the food was not too long. The food came nicely presented.

The Eggs Royale were eggs cooked at 63 degrees Celsius for an hour served with chorizo (Spanish) sausages, potatoes and slices of toasts. The egg white was firm but still very tender and the yolks were fudge-like in texture. The Eggs Royale were interesting in terms of taste and texture and was quite enjoyable.

The Nanyang Curry Chicken had a rather unique presentation –  the curry chicken was served in a bread bowl. The bread had a thick chewy crust which made it difficult to cut into pieces without making a mess. No separate bowl or side plate was given. That made it quite hard to eat the bread with the curry. In terms of taste, the curry chicken was more like Indian curry than traditional nyonya curry. The taste of spices was quite strong. On the whole the curry chicken was of reasonable standard.

The cappuccino was apparently brewed using local “kopi-tiam” coffee beans with condensed milk added. It tasted quite good. There was nothing nostalgic nor kopi-tiam about its price – at $6 it was a very modem price for a cuppa.

Chicken Curry 1933 Capitol Piazza

Bread and Brioche 1933 Capitol Piazza

1933 Capitol Pizza is an interesting concept cafe. Its food we have tried was not bad. 1933’s marketing literature says it serves the “finest renditions of cuisines” in a “modern and chic dining setting”. That is best treated as just that – marketing literature. 1993 is definitely a notch up from Toast Box but a fine dining restaurant it is not. As a casual cafe, we think that it faces strong competition, even just among the eateries in Capitol Piazza, and it will not be among our top picks for a place to have brunch or afternoon tea.

Coffee 1933 Capitol Piazza

Food : 3
Service : 2
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating : 2 TOPs     2 Tpos


1933 Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Road #01-83
Galleria, Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Tel: +65 6384 3660

Nearby Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah

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  1. lousy experience…one of the staff was very rude…spitted and cleared his throat rudely just as we were leaving…in front of us.

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